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Swallowtail Butterfly Tips
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Raising and Hatching a Swallowtail Butterfly

During our gardening adventures this summer, we found some new garden friends! Our carrot patch attracted a black swallowtail butterfly who laid her eggs on the carrot greens. We noticed the swallowtail caterpillars once they were fairly large and beautifully colored with bright green and black bands. Our first caterpillar friend hatched into a beautiful […]

Squirrel Damage Prevention Tips for the Garden
DIY, Gardening

Squirrel Damage Prevention in the Garden

This year seems as though many things are against us, even with gardening! We had a late freeze on Mother’s Day weekend, when historically we are usually planting outside. We’ve finally got some warmer weather, and what happens? When heading out to the deck today to water our plants, we found seedlings dug up every […]

Our Garden List - What Seeds We're Growing
Gardening, Seed Starting

Our Garden List: What We’re Growing

This is my first blog. We are growing a lot of seeds. So far we planned: green beans tomatoes 🍅 popcorn 🍿 Sunflowers 🌻 Lettuce 🥬 Strawberry 🍓 Lima beans peas  carrots 🥕 pumpkins 🎃 beets Honeydew 🍈 cantaloupe 🍈 Radishes Broccoli 🥦 cauliflowers cabbage Squash Zucchini watermelons 🍉 zinnias           […]