Growing Pothos in Water Only, Forever!

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My dad loves growing new plants from clippings and he gave me and my grandmother pieces of his Pothos. My grandmother passed away in early 2022, but I inherited one of her houseplants – a Pothos in water, no soil at all!

Just as she’d left it, her Pothos grew beautifully in a clear glass vase inside an intricate brown basket. I set it on my breakfast bar.

Pothos in water in a vase inside a brown decorative basket
Here is my grandmother’s Pothos growing in water its whole life! (December 2022)

I dared not mess with it for fear of shocking the plant. It seemed happy and healthy just as it was.

As it turns out, I learned that Pothos can spend its entire lifetime growing in water!

So, I’ve kept the plant in a vase full of water ever since my dad gave it to me in the beginning of 2022. My goal is to eventually clip off a piece and start a new Pothos plant in soil.

Caring for Pothos in Water

To be honest, I love my aquatic Pothos. It grows in water pretty self-sufficiently!

Like any plant, focus on providing water, sunlight, and general attention to make sure it’s thriving.


Keeping the roots covered in water is probably the most important piece of the puzzle here. Replace the water every week or every other week for best results.

Ensure the water level stays constant and check the roots once in a while to make sure they look clean and healthy. (And free from rot!)


Our kitchen receives a bit of natural light but nothing tremendous. Our breakfast bar is across from the sliding glass doors to the deck so the plant receives adequate indirect light for most of the day.

In general, Pothos grows well in bright indirect light, although it can tolerate some lower light conditions.

Avoid too much direct sunlight.

Grandmother's Pothos houseplant growing in a vase
I love the slightly variegated leaves on this sentimental Pothos!


Providing a safe space for the plant and its vase of water is important, too.

More than anything, I make sure our mail doesn’t pile up on the trailing leaves cascading out of the vase.


Keep an eye on the container you use for your Pothos. If you see algae, you will want to clean the container and replace the water. Try scrubbing with an old toothbrush or bottle brush.

Clear glass vases work great for this houseplant. However, you may also try a tinted glass vase.


You can add a tiny bit of liquid fertilizer to help your houseplant thrive. As always, err on the side of too little to avoid shocking or burning your plant’s roots.

Plan to apply fertilizer every 6 weeks if desired.

Growing Pothos in Water vs. Soil

I’ve grown Pothos in water only and also in soil. Both methods are enjoyable to me, but the aqua Pothos is special since it was my grandmother’s plant.

I dare not say it’s neglected, but my water-grown Pothos is very forgiving.

Even when it’s been a few weeks since I’ve last checked the water level, the plant continues to be happy and healthy. It truly is like a set-it-and-forget-it kind of plant.

Pothos and water go together just as well as with soil.

If you have enough clippings, I highly recommend trying both growing methods.

Jade Pothos from Ken's Gardens
Jade Pothos from Ken’s Gardens, summer 2022


Yes, with proper care, Pothos can grow in water exclusively. Hardy and easy to care for, this attractive vine may grow for years without any soil. Water and adequate nutrients can help sustain the health of your houseplant.

Creating clones of your Pothos plant is easy! Try our step-by-step guide on propagating Pothos in water. Then you can grow even more houseplants in water or soil, whatever you choose!

Anything is possible! Your plant may need some time to adjust to the new growing environment if you do switch from soil to water or from water to soil. Keep in mind that a little bit of shock or leaf drop may be expected given the switch.

Do you have any tips or questions on Pothos and water? Feel free to hit us up in the comments – we love hearing from you!

Happy Gardening!

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