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Free Printable Recipe Cards for Kids’ Cookbook Template

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Does your kiddo have a favorite recipe?! Teachers, parents— these kids’ recipe cards can be a very fun memento or class project! This class recipe book template is perfect for preschoolers and young elementary students to capture the cuteness! It also works great for individual families or homeschool families.

This free printable recipe template also makes it easy for older students who have awesome recipes they want to share!

Let your kids’ culinary creativity shine far and wide by sharing cooking and baking ideas on these digital recipe cards.

Printable Recipe Template for Kids

You can use these free printable recipe pages for kids to document their favorite meals, sides, desserts, or snacks!

I designed these free printable recipe pages myself using graphic design software. I’ve included lined and unlined recipe card style pages. You can find cute themes like pizza, tacos, desserts, lemons, and more. Simply print out your favorite recipe cards for your kids or the entire class.

Free Printable Recipe Cards for Kids - Cookbook Templates

A free printable children’s cookbook is a great class activity even when half or all of the class is learning remotely. You can use this activity for preschoolers to create a special end-of-the-year gift for mom and dad. You can also make these together in virtual elementary school classrooms to bring the kids together for a classroom morale booster.

Make a Free Printable Kids’ Cookbook

Educator notes: Distribute these PDF designs of kids’ recipe cards to each student who will participate. Ask the kids to include their favorite recipe in their own words.

How to Write a Recipe (For Kids):

When you are ready to create a class recipe book keepsake, follow these steps:

Instructions for your child (with help if needed):

  1. Print out your favorite page from the PDF. (Parents should be able to go into printer settings and edit to “page 4” or etc. to just print the one page.) ** If you don’t have a printer, or it isn’t working, you can also design your own recipe card on paper!
  2. Add name of recipe and your name (the student’s name) at the top under CHEF.
  3. Glue your picture in the box next to the recipe title or draw a self-portrait!
  4. Write your recipe! (IN STUDENTS’ OWN WORDS & MEMORIES!!!) Kids should write out their favorite recipe to share with the class. It can be any meal, entrée, side, snack, appetizer, or dessert. These turn out the best when the kids do the steps 100% by themselves. It may come out “Turn oven on to 100 degrees” but let them – the recipes are even cuter when they’re fully grown and looking back. 🙂
  5. Draw a picture of the finished recipe in the box provided.
  6. Scan / photograph clearly + send to whomever is organizing the cookbook. High Res JPG or PDF files are best. Or, if you aren’t doing a full class cookbook, keep for your own enjoyment!
  7. Organizer compiles all recipes into a single PDF document. You can have this printed for everyone if you wish, or simply send out the finished copy digitally.

Children’s Recipe Cards: Prompts & Tips

To help your students or kiddos get started, consider offering some of these prompts.

You can use this project as a fun end-of-year project for the class or as a Mother’s Day gift for the kids to take home.

Favorite recipes transcribed by little hands also become beloved keepsakes for a lifetime.

Inspiration for Kids Recipe Cards

Here are some ideas to help children choose a recipe to write and share:

  • What is your favorite food that your parents cook for you? How do you make it?
  • Do you cook anything special at home? Please share the ingredients and steps!
  • If you could eat anything right now, what would it be? How do you cook it?
  • If you can’t think of anything, try coming up with YOUR OWN recipe! What would you call it and how would you make it?

These are just a few ideas to help inspire the kids to complete a recipe card project. Feel free to use your own ideas to motivate and inspire their creativity!

Create Your Own Free Printable Cookbook – Free Download

Here’s a free PDF you can use at home or school to capture your kids’ favorite recipes.

Pizza Themed Recipe Card - Printable Recipe Card

Download our PDF here to access the blank recipe cards – Free Printable Recipe Cards for Kids!

As your child prepares his or her recipe, printable templates make it easy to share favorite foods with others.

Feel free to download and share this free printable recipe pages document with your students and their classmates or friends.

If you like this idea, please also consider sharing our link or pinning our post to help get the word out to others!

05.17.23 – Updated to convert to blocks. Adjusted spacing and added ideas for inspiring the kids. Updated date from 9.30.2020 to reflect fresh content.

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