20 Things to Do for Earth Day

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Earth Day gives us as parents the perfect opportunity to teach our kids about our wonderful planet. It’s also a great time to make memories! Here are 20 things to do for Earth Day with a focus on outdoorsy fun.

It’s always great to get kids involved in taking better care of our Earth. We can celebrate April 22 by discussing how to live a greener lifestyle and how to save the planet.

Children can learn from an early age to be respectful and responsible with resources and caring for the world around us.

Spend some extra time together with your family and talk about what you love most about your country and others you’ve visited. Discuss scenery, animals, plants, bodies of water, and landforms.

Things to Do for Earth Day - Child's Earth Drawing on Wooden Deck

Take some time to talk about your family’s favorite things about being outdoors. Try to make a connection with a fun activity or craft. Here are some suggestions!

Things to Do for Earth Day

As a parent, it feels particularly important to make Earth Day a special time for our kids. After all, if they enjoy our planet and what it has to offer, hopefully they'll take better care of it!

Here are some fun things to do for Earth Day this year.

This list contains so many wonderful ideas for things to enjoy with your family this time of year and beyond. Take some time to browse through or save the ones you plan to try with your kids.

Better yet, sit your little ones on your lap and let them pick their favorite outdoorsy activity!

Final Thoughts: Things to Do for Earth Day

Now that you have some ideas of fun things to do for Earth Day, take it a step further. Focus on what each person in the family can do to save the planet.

Do an Earth Day craft, snack, and recycling project. Make a list of ideas with the kids. Take lots of photos and celebrate with planet Earth cookies.

While Earth Day takes place on April 22 every year, it’s still wonderful to be connected to our world any time. This list will be live all year long. Be sure to come back and try the rest of these activities all throughout the year!

By the way, as you plan for some outdoor fun, you might also like to check out our post on Earth Day Activities for the Garden! It’s full of gardening activities to enjoy in honor of our wonderful planet.

What are your favorite things to do for Earth Day? Please share some in the comments below so we can all chat and work together to make our planet the best it can be.

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