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Gardening sometimes feels like more of a science than a hobby. For that reason, I decided to keep a garden journal. Soon I realized other gardeners might feel this way, too, so I made some free printable garden journal pages.

Gardening is so much fun and it’s truly rewarding for the soul. It’s therapeutic and I find so many wonderful benefits of gardening.

It’s even MORE stress-relieving when I see that I am improving and doing better than previous years. Part of it is a learning process and part of it is luck.

To help keep track of both, I’ve created some free printable garden journal pages. Feel free to download them!

(And please, send your gardening friends over here, too!)

Gardening Journal Topics to Track

I’m working hard to get more organized with gardening this year.

Here are some of the key gardening tasks and information I’m tracking in my garden journal this year:

  • Plant Dates and Germination Dates
  • Germination Rates
  • Fruiting Schedule / Harvest Dates and Amounts
  • Garden Map of What’s Planted Where
  • Successful Seeds and Duds
  • Early Crops to Direct Sow in Spring
  • Long Growing Season Crops to Start Indoors Early
  • Crops for Succession Planting
  • Companion Planting Ideas
  • Hardening Off Schedule
  • Successes to Remember to Repeat Next Season
  • Lessons Learned – What Not to Do
  • What Died and Why
  • Garden Budget
  • Harvest Yields and Cost Comparison
  • Garden Pests and Solutions that Worked
  • Native Plants List
  • Perpetual Calendar for Bloom Times
  • Plain and Simple Day-to-Day Garden Notes!
  • And So Much More!

(If you have more ideas, add them to the comments and I’ll happily update the post!)

Last year and all the years prior, I started out without a gardening journal. I quickly regretted it and wished I’d had one all along!

Now I can track whatever I want!

Free Printable Gardening Journal Downloads

I love the idea of gardening printables and I’ll be working on as many as I can think of to share with my wonderful community here. Let me know if you have any requests!

In the meantime, here are some gardening journal pages I created for anyone to use.

Just as an FYI

  • These are for personal use only – you may not sell / resell them.
  • If you have friends who would like them, please link them over to my page!
  • If you would like me to create a custom gardening printable for you, please shoot me an email.

Gardening Seed Starting Tracker

This first gardening journal page intends to track the seeds you’ve started. Write down the planting dates along with their germination date (and rates if you like).

(I intend to do track germination eventually, but with two kids running around and plants growing quickly, it’s just not happening this year!)

I’ve also left a space for notes so you can track important findings, the brand or source of the seeds you planted, or whatever you like.

Free Printable Garden Journal Pages - Planting Dates and Germination Notes
Download the PDF!


  • Discover which seeds germinate the quickest.
  • Track seed germination rate.
  • Stagger your plantings.
  • Keep everything organized and easy!

Plants Hardening Off Calendar

Everyone seems to harden off their plants a little differently so I’m keeping this hardening off tracker mostly blank for easy customization.

I tend to start hardening off my plants in the front yard when it’s shady and then move them to the backyard after the sun passes over the house in the afternoon. This works for me based on our morning and afternoon sun.

Hopefully this hardening off tracker will help you discover your best plan and process.


  • Keep track of what time you started hardening off your plants each day.
  • Monitor duration of time they spend outdoors.
  • Track any special weather impacts, wind, etc.
  • Make notes for future plantings.


Gardening Success Tracker

On this page, fill out your greatest achievements that you’d like to repeat next season.

Here are some ways to use this gardening journal printable:

  • List favorite crops and top producers.
  • Track effective pest management techniques.
  • Record helpful garden configurations and companion plantings.


Plant Feeding Schedule

If you’re a busy mom or maybe just a little forgetful, I’ve got you covered! Simply use this handy gardening fertilizer tracker to remember which plants you fertilized and when.


  • Avoid over-fertilizing and under-fertilizing your plants!
  • Track what product you used and how much.
  • Make notes on any results as you notice them.


You can even use this page to track gardening experiments if you plant to fertilize some plants but not all.

Final Thoughts: Free Printable Garden Journal

My goal is to keep adding printable garden journal pages to this post until I have a great selection available for you.

If you have specific needs for your gardening journal, please let me know. I’ll be happy to create materials that make your gardening life easier!

(Also, if you use these garden journal pages, I am always open to feedback. Love them? Think of an update that would make them better?)

Simply shout out in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

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