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Origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, serves many purposes beyond being an enjoyable hobby. Folded paper creations can actually be useful, like these easy origami seed envelopes I’m about to show you!

Seed swapping is a wonderful hobby in and of itself in the gardening community. Origami lends a beautiful creative touch to the custom seed packets gardeners send to each other.

You can make origami cups and fold the flaps a bit differently to close them. This creates a lovely little handmade seed envelope.

Origami seed envelopes are fast, easy and fun. Let’s get started!

Lovely Stamped Easy Origami Seed Envelopes / Seed Cups with rubber stampers

What Does Origami Mean

Origami translates to mean “folding paper.” It’s a timeless craft that dates back to the 17th century, or possibly as earlier. Some suspect it began in the 12th century when the Moors took paper folding to Spain. With origami, only folds are permitted – no cuts, tape, or glue! Always begin with a square piece of paper. Also, do not decorate the finished origami creation.

Origami Benefits

Origami offers quite a few benefits for people of all ages. Even kids can enjoy the ancient art of paper folding.

Here are some of origami’s best benefits:

  • Anti-Stress Vibes – Origami offers a peaceful way to relieve stress on a daily basis. Rhythmic paper folding of beautiful origami paper helps stress melt away.
  • Pass the Time – When you’re bored (or better yet, when your kids are bored!), try origami. Origami makes a nice hobby to master. Learn different folding patterns and origami creations to make. Encourage the kids to get involved!
  • Creative Inspirations – Keep your brain engaged with a hobby that encourages your mind. Make your own creative tweaks on your origami creations to personalize your work.
  • Useful Items – Origami allows you to create useful items! Try making seed envelopes for swaps or graceful origami cranes to stick inside a birthday card. Make bookmarks, place cards, Valentine’s origami creations, and more.
Beautiful DIY Origami Cups Seed Envelopes in pastel patterned papers
Lovely DIY Easy Origami Seed Envelopes / Cups made by one of my seed swap friends

Easy Origami with Regular Paper

Origami paper comes in a wide array of gorgeous colors and patterns. You can even find double-sided origami paper, which adds a new dimension to your creations.

You can make origami creations with everything from Post-It notes and scratch paper to gum wrappers and everything in between.

We regularly use printer paper, construction paper, and leftover scraps of paper. This allows us to make origami seed envelopes in all different sizes, colors, and patterns.

Different paper sizes work great, since seeds come in all shapes and sizes!

DIY Simple Origami Cup Seed Envelopes

It’s easy to make your own origami cup seed envelopes! Try these for your personal gardening use or swapping seeds with friends.

Follow these simple steps for how to make origami seed envelopes:

  1. Start with a perfectly square piece of paper or origami paper. 3×3 inches or 6×6 inches are great starting points, but any size will do as long as it’s square.
  2. Fold the paper in half diagonally.
  3. Turn the paper around so the point of the triangle faces down.
    Origami Paper Cup Tutorial - Point Facing Down
  4. Fold the right point across the paper so it creates a small triangle above the bottom point.
    Folding an origami cup to use as a seed envelope
  5. Likewise, fold the left point across the paper, overlapping with the fold you just made.
    Folding an origami cup / seed envelope
  6. Spin the origami paper cup around so the point now faces upward.
  7. Fold the point down and tuck both ends into the outermost flap.
  8. Before filling with seeds, be sure to write on the envelope what kind of seeds you’re sending.
Origami cup Seed Envelopes with a Birthday Card
More origami Seed swap envelopes from another gardening friend

Final Thoughts: Easy Origami Seed Envelopes

We love making these easy origami cups for seed swap envelopes. They are quick and easy to make, and you can customize the size to suit your needs by choosing smaller or larger square paper.

Our kids deviated a little bit from the true rules of origami and decided to make their own unique origami seed envelopes. First, our youngest made an origami bunny rabbit seed envelope and glued on some wiggly eyes – a big no-no in true origami.

Likewise, our other daughter also enjoyed making the origami bunnies for seed swaps. Then, I believe they had a second animal design but I can’t recall the type. I’ll add it to the article once we figure it out!

Do you make useful origami creations to share with others? We’d love to chat about it in the comments below! Also feel free to share this post to anyone who might enjoy it, ask questions, or share wonderful tips.

Happy crafting!

DIY Easy Origami Seed Cups / Envelopes | How To - pinterest image with rubber stampers and paper origami cups

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