15 Earth Day Activities for Your Garden

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For Earth Day, spend a little extra time focused on your garden! These Earth Day activities work well for kids and grownups of all ages, and they’re sure to stir up lots of memorable fun.

Every year on April 22 we celebrate Earth Day. It’s the perfect time to make outdoorsy craft projects and talk about important issues facing our planet.

Key Earth Day Ideas

It’s surprising how much kids pick up and absorb just from day-to-day life. Even my five-year-old doesn’t miss a thing. She’s very interested in the world around us and how things work.

If you have kids, now is a great time to get them excited about making our planet the best it can be!

In honor of Earth Day, you may want to take this opportunity to teach our future generation about some important topics:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Living a Greener Lifestyle
  • Conserving Natural Resources
  • Reducing Energy Consumption
  • Growing Plants and Trees
  • Protecting Pollinators
  • Cleaning up Outdoor Spaces
  • Making Our Planet a Better Place

You can have conversations with your kids, draw pictures, and do lots of crafts and Earth Day activities to celebrate this special day of the year.

Earth Day Activities for Your Garden

Earth Day gives us the perfect excuse to get our hands dirty and have a little extra fun outside! Enjoy these garden-themed Earth Day activities with your family!

Final Thoughts: Gardening Earth Day Activities

In an Earth Day celebration, take some time to focus on the world around you. So many beautiful, wonderful things are out there just waiting to leave a lasting impression on life.

I plan to do a little planting with our girls and I’ll show them this list and see which projects might interest them.

Last year we made homemade paper much in the same way as our DIY tie-dye seed paper hearts.

We hope you enjoy these ideas for Earth Day with kids! Please share any fun suggestions you may have in the comments below. Or if you plan to try one of these suggestions, we’d love to hear about it!

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