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Plant Room Aesthetic Upgrades with Houseplants

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Enhance your home’s peaceful vibes with a balanced plant room aesthetic! No matter if you have a dedicated, aesthetic plant room (LUCKY!) or simply show off accent plants throughout the different rooms, plants make everything better.

While decorating your house with plants, keep in mind the amount of space and light you have available. You can find some plants better suited to sunny areas and others that are more shade tolerant.

You’re sure to enjoy shopping for flowerpots and indoor planters to use throughout the home. Just think about all the pretty colors and styles to complement your home’s existing aesthetic!

It’s worth mentioning for all the pet-friendly households – MANY HOUSEPLANTS ARE TOXIC TO CATS AND DOGS. Keep this in mind if your furry best friends like to chew on plants or mess around in your gardens and containers.

I will be sure to remind oyu again later, but please avoid letting your pets get sick over a particular kind of houseplant. You can certainly find other ideas that keep everybody safe.

Now, that being said—let’s get started on figuring out some amazing plant room aesthetic upgrades and ideas for different rooms!

Plant Meditation Room by @quay_nicole on Instagram
Plant Meditation Room by @quay_nicole on Instagram

What do you call a room full of plants?

Home gardeners may create special rooms for plants, and those rooms may have special names. Something as simple as plant room may get the idea across, but other names may include garden room, sunroom, grow room, or conservatory.

What plant should I get for my room?

It depends on which room you’re ready to fill with plants! Choose a plant that purifies the air and releases oxygen at night for your bedroom. Consider a peaceful plant like a Peace Lily for your family room, aloe Vera and other healing plants for your bathroom, and an energizing plant for your kitchen like an indoor citrus tree. These are just a few suggestions – the possibilities are endless!

Which rooms in the home should have plants?

Your home is your own creative and meaningful space! Enjoy putting houseplants throughout your favorite rooms however you see fit. Plants will create a lovely aesthetic in the home, from your bedroom and bathroom to kitchen, family room, office, kids’ rooms, and beyond. Just be sure to check plant toxicity anywhere young children and pets may come in contact with or be able to access various houseplants.

Plant Aesthetic Room Ideas

Give some thought to the layout of your home and the current number of houseplants you’ve got. Chances are, you can definitely squeeze in a few more houseplants somewhere to take advantage of some plant aesthetics for any of the rooms!

Here are some suggestions for incorporating gorgeous indoor plants into the attractive décor and ambiance of your home and its various rooms.

Plant Bedroom Aesthetic

Create a breathtaking plant bedroom aesthetic where exotic meets romantic. Find a few bedroom plants to complete the look and feel of one of your favorite rooms in the house.

For bedroom plants with an awesome vibe, consider:

  • Peace Lilies
  • Palms / Bamboo Palms / Areca  Palm
  • Aloe Vera
  • Fiddleleaf Fig / Ficus
  • Snake Plant
  • Spider Plant
  • Golden Pothos and other types of Pothos
  • Succulents
  • Orchids

When choosing the best bedroom plants, consider which ones offer air purifying properties. Areca palm, snake plant, spider plant, Aloe Vera, and peace lily emit oxygen at night as well as during the daytime.

Enjoy your aesthetic bedroom with plants adding to the ambiance and décor. Macrame plant hammocks and holders make a much more romantic statement than traditional plastic hanging baskets.

Home Office Plants

Office plants at home enhance the creative atmosphere and add a sense of calm. Increase the inspiration with attractive houseplants.

Consider many different houseplants for the home office, including:

  • Different kinds of Cacti
  • Croton
  • Dracaena
  • Palms
  • Air Plants
  • Ivy varieties
  • Lucky Bamboo
  • Philodendrons
  • Sansevieria
  • Snake Plant
  • ZZ Plant
Indoor Plant Display in Home Office Craft Room by @Noodles_Farm on Instagram
Indoor Plant Display in Home Office Craft Room by @Noodles_Farm on Instagram.
Pictured from top left: Sansevieria, croton (2 types), variegated ivy, green ivy, peperomia & moon cactus

Bathroom Plants

Outfit your bathroom with some lovely green foliage. Houseplants that like the humidity may do well in a bathroom setting, especially after running the shower.

Consider these suggestions for bathroom plants:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Madagascar Jasmine / Stephanotis Floribunda
  • Bromeliads
  • Bamboo / Lucky Bamboo
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Christmas Cactus
  • Croton Plants
  • Ferns
  • Orchids
  • Philodendrons
  • Pothos
  • Snake Plant
  • Spider Plant

Kitchen Plants

Cooking in the kitchen is much more fun with a little company. It’s (probably) safe to say it won’t be the spouse or the kids joining you, so we’ll settle for the dog and some wonderful indoor plants!

Here are some kitchen plants to consider for an improved aesthetic room with plants here and there.

  • Culinary Herbs
  • Lemon Tree
  • Lettuce in an Aero Garden
  • Window Herb Garden
  • Large Indoor Palms
  • Air Plant
  • Plants in Various Phases of Propagation
  • African Spear Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Polka Dot Plant
  • Monstera
  • English Ivy or Swedish Ivy
  • ZZ Plant

Choosing kitchen plants adds vibrant life to one of your most-used spaces in the home. Keep in mind whether you have pets who will go after plants and know what’s safe for them.

Creating an Aesthetic Plant Room

Sometimes it isn’t enough to just have houseplants throughout the house. No, sometimes you need a designated ROOM for all the plants!

This is my DREAM! I want to have a tropical room. Hibiscus all year long, baby!

One day…

If you are lucky enough to do this now, I am so excited for you!

You can create an aesthetic plant room where you can baby your tropicals, citrus, and other plants that need a warmer climate.

Indoor Plants on Large Window Ledge, by @betterinsuburbia on Instagram
Indoor Plants on Large Window Ledge, by @betterinsuburbia on Instagram

Aesthetic Plant Room Checklist

Here are some tips to consider for your plant room:

  • Lighting – Hook up brighter lights and grow light stations.
  • Temperature – If you already have different heating and cooling zones in your house, you’re probably in good shape! If not, look at creative temperature control possibilities to keep your plants happy.
  • Humidity – Consider the humidity level that would best serve your plants and explore options. You may find a humidifier does the trick just fine.
  • Layout – Think about how you’ll arrange everything. Consider shelving, tables, plant stands and racks to set up your different areas.
  • Propagation Station – Give some thought to setting up a propagation station where you can work on rooting cuttings, such as rooting roses in water.
  • Seedling Station – Be sure you set up some shelving with adjustable grow lights to start seedlings whenever you like.
Hello Sunshine Indoor Plant Area Setup by @IAgreeSnowClouds on Instagram, featuring cactus and more
Hello Sunshine Indoor Plant Area Setup by @IAgreeSnowClouds on Instagram, featuring cacti.

You can create an even better aesthetic plant room with a reading nook or a mini office desk. You may even find yourself starting a houseplant selling business! The possibilities are endless!

Do you also hope to have an aesthetic plant room in your home? Or do you already have one?

Let’s chat all about it in the comments – I’d love some more information for when I finally convince my hubby we NEED this in our lives. J

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