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Best Gardening Gifts for Mom

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Moms who love gardening always love garden gifts. Find the best gardening gifts for mom, wife, girlfriend, stepmom, mother-in-law, or grandmother to brighten her day and many days to come.

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, gardening items are at the top of the list for many moms. How can you go wrong?!

Here in Zone 6b, Mother’s Day weekend traditionally marks the time when it’s finally safe to plant outside. Nice weather and time with my family would be present enough, but special gifts for gardening mom and daughters would be pretty awesome, too.

Best Gardening Gifts for Her

Make Mom smile with special Mother’s Day gardening gifts that she can enjoy year after year.

  1. Rose Bush – A new live rose bush every year is a lovely and meaningful gardening gift for a mom who has space to grow. I wish I’d thought to request these from the time my girls were born.
  2. Roo Apron – A gardening apron makes it easy for Mom to gather her daily harvest from the garden. She can also tote around her tools and gardening supplies no matter where she is in the garden. The Roo Apron is available in a full or half apron style.
  3. Garden Tub – Whether you add a garden tub spa to your master bathroom or simply get a versatile garden tub container is up to you!
  4. Gardening Journal – For the gardening mom who has everything, a garden journal can be a fantastic Mother’s Day gift idea. Mom can track her plantings, plan her garden, record favorite crops, and so much more.
  5. Harvest Basket – A garden colander or harvest basket can be the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or any occasion.
  6. Garden Hod – Along the same lines, you can make it extra easy (and stylish!) for Mom to collect up all the goodies from her garden. A hod is a long wooden and wire or vinyl basket originally used by clammers in New England.

Indoor Gardening Gifts

Some gardeners enjoy growing indoors just as much as outdoors. Consider these indoor gardening gifts for mom and the other special ladies in your life.

  1. Propagation Station – For the mom who loves gardening, a propagation station boasting glass bottles creates the perfect venue for rooting cuttings. A bouquet of fresh-cut roses completes the gift!
  2. Windowsill Herb Planters – A little window herb garden will surely brighten Mom’s day whenever she does the dishes or looks outside. Even during the winter, she can enjoy a little extra green in the house.
  3. Hydroponic Garden (like Aero Garden) – Mom can enjoy fresh lettuce and other veggies all year long with this great indoor gardening gift. A home hydroponic garden like Aero Garden is a wonderful way to keep Mom gardening indoors all year long.
  4. Grow Lights – Indoor plants will thrive with a little targeting lighting for growth or blooming. Extend Mom’s growing season indoors, get her a jumpstart on seed starting, or help her keep her citrus and other tender plants alive over the winter with indoor grow lights.
  5. Succulent Pots and Succulents – Mom could have a blast creating her own little indoor succulent gardens. Choose small succulent planters or a larger succulent bowl so she can let her creative energies loose.

Outdoor Gardening Gifts

For many gardeners, growing outdoors is where it’s at. The trouble won’t be finding great outdoor gardening gifts for mom – it will be narrowing down the endless and amazing possibilities!

  1. Gardener’s Friend Pruners – Designed especially for gardeners with arthritis or weak hand grip, Gardener’s Friend Pruners get the job done fast. Useful for trimming shrubs, cutting flowers, and so much more, Mom will be sure to love this handy garden tool.
  2. Gardening Kneeler and Seat – This reversible gardening seat and kneeler saves space and makes gardening a lot more comfortable for mom or grandmother. Pockets on one side are perfect for keeping garden tools or gloves handy when not in use.
  3. Bucket Boss – Top a five-gallon bucket with the Bucket Boss to tote around garden tools while still having a place for plant clippings or yard waste.
  4. Beautiful Gardening Tools Set – Lots of attractive colors and patterns add a fun vibe to a new set of gardening tools for women. Mom is sure to love an upgrade to her hand spade, trowel, and other garden tools.
  5. Garden Tote Bag Set – Similarly, a gardening tote bag with lots of pockets lends so much convenience in and around the garden.
  6. Cement Head PlanterHead planters with a goddess theme or other cool vibe would make a fine gift for a mom who loves to garden.

Personalized Garden Gifts

Personalized gardening gifts offer timeless appeal for anyone who enjoys time in the garden.

  1. Gardening Gift Basket – You know your mom best! A garden gift basket of all her favorite and most-used gardening goodies. Plant markers, a garden journal, and lots of fun seeds would be a great start.
  2. Handmade Stepping Stones – Stepping stones featuring the kids’ handprints or footprints and some pretty stones or shells would be incredible Mother’s Day gardening gifts that she’ll treasure for a lifetime. Find DIY stepping stone kits the kids can make each year!
  3. Engraved Wind Chime – A wind chime with a personalized message would surely remind Mom how much she’s loved every time the wind blows. Find a local engraver and start out with a high quality wind chime like Astarin.

Unusual Gardening Gifts

Unusual or funny gardening gifts can be a perfect choice when you feel like you’re shopping for the mom who’s got everything. Consider these unusual gardening gifts to bring a smile to her face.

  1. Gardening Gloves with Claws – Garden Genie Gloves with Claws and similar styles add an animal-like ease in the garden. Tidying up flower beds has never been faster!
  2. Air Layering Kit – For the ever-curious gardening mom, continued experimenting in the garden will bring years of joy. Definitely one of the more unusual gardening gifts for mom, an air layering propagation kit is a fantastic way to explore plant propagation.
  3. Bonsai Tree Starter Kit – An indoor bonsai tree kit would be a lovely way to expand gardening prowess indoors.
  4. Exotic Seeds Collection – Garden seeds are always a winning gift with gardeners! Mom is sure to love unique gardening gifts such as a set of unusual or exotic seeds.
  5. Unusual Veggie Growing Kit – Kits including seeds or starter plants and accessories can also be a lot of fun! So many little known veggies are out there for Mom to enjoy growing.

More Mother’s Day Gifts

While focused as a Mother’s Day gifts post, these are also great Gardening Gifts for Grandma and others on your list for any time of year! So many amazing options await…

When in doubt or striking out, you can find lots of great options for Amazon gardening gifts. Some to consider:

Final Thoughts: The Best Gardening Gifts for Mom

Whether for Mother’s Day, her birthday, or any special occasion, garden gifts rank high on the list for many women. The best gardening gifts for mom prove to be sentimental, useful, or both.

Even on short notice, you can find so many amazing Amazon gardening gifts for Mom, Grandma, mother-in-law, wife and all those who love gardening. (By the way, if you liked this article, you should also check out our post on Gardening Stocking Stuffers for a lot of other awesome garden gifts.

When searching for gardening gifts for Mom who loves gardening, remember that she loves you and anything you give her is sure to be appreciated!

Where my gardening moms, grandmas, and daughters at? Let’s chat in the comments about YOUR must-have gardening gifts! (Spoiler – these are a lot of MINE and I’m hoping to pass the link to this post over to my hubs next time he’s looking for gift ideas.)

04.27.23 – Updated to add link to planters.

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