Aldi Drop Over Greenhouse (Raised Bed Covers) Review

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For years I’ve been looking for a good cover or fence for my 4×4 raised garden beds. Soaking up the joy of the middle aisles, I found the Aldi Drop Over Greenhouse (raised bed covers) totally on an impromptu shopping trip. Boy am I glad I went in that day!

Raised garden bed cover from Aldi installed on a 4x4 raised bed near other white garden boxes
Aldi Drop Over Greenhouse in use on our 2023 garden box

Over the years, I’ve tried making my own removable DIY raised bed fence, which got me through a season at least. Still, I wanted something more permanent or at least easier to maintain over the long term.

Finding the drop-over raised bed covers at Aldi sure was exciting! I couldn’t wait to get home and see how everything fit in my gardens!

Advantages of Aldi Drop Over Greenhouse


At just $25, I found these mini greenhouse covers to be a good deal for my raised beds. I bought 3 but only assembled 1 so far.

Package of Aldi Drop Over Greenhouse garden bed covers
Drop Over Greenhouse by Aldi

Easy Assembly

No tools required and mostly self-explanatory, these raised bed covers go together nicely in a matter of minutes.


The raised bed covers seem sturdy and durable. I am confident they will last more than one season. The green covers feel more high quality compared to some other products I’ve owned.

That said, I did get confused for a moment because I was wishing for them to be taller. When in doubt, turn it around. I just had two pieces in backwards and then everything fit as intended.

Back of package of Aldi greenhouse cover

Disadvantages of Aldi Raised Bed Covers

Height for Double-Stacked Beds

I recently double-stacked my white raised garden beds and these covers would work so much better with the single stack.

Assembly for Aldi Drop-Over Greenhouse / Raised Bed Covers
Easy Assembly for Aldi Drop-Over Greenhouse / Raised Bed Covers

Velcro Instead of Full Zipper

Since I’m trying to thwart the insect pests like the Cabbage White moth and the vine borers and squash bugs, I much prefer a fully covered plant enclosure.

The Velcro at the bottom may be sufficient, but I do worry that the cabbage moths will sneak inside anyway through the gaps.

Fully zipped greenhouse cover for raised beds by Aldi
Fully zipped greenhouse cover for raised beds by Aldi


Although you can grow them all out in the open, some plants benefit from covers, particularly for pest protection. Brassicas like kale and broccoli are susceptible to the cabbage moth and do well with a covering. Squash plants like zucchini often suffer from vine borer infestation, and plant covers can also help prevent or at least minimize the attacks.

Besides the Aldi raised bed cover, you can try insect netting, row covers, and mesh drawstring netting tree covers. You can also use tomato cages in combination with flower pots and your preferred plant covers to create a protected environment for your plants.

Check out my post on blueberry netting for some ideas specific to your berry bushes!

Open raised bed cover with empty soil ready for planting
Totally ready to plant something in this raised bed under cover!

Conclusion: Aldi Raised Garden Covers Review

In summary, I’m very pleased with my purchase of these greenhouse covers for my raised beds. I’ve been looking for something like this for quite some time. 

Of course, I should have known I’d eventually find it among the awesome gardening deals at Aldi!

If you also have 4×4 foot raised garden boxes, this could be a great product for you, too. There’s just enough space on all the sides so the greenhouse covers drop right around your existing raised beds.

I do wish that I could make them taller since I stacked my raised beds for double height. This configuration doesn’t allow as much clearance for taller plants. 

Garden dog chilling out near a raised bed with a greenhouse cover
Our sweet girl hanging out in the garden near the Aldi raised bed cover

What I’m Growing Under My Aldi Raised Garden Bed Covers

As of right now, I am trying to grow a few plants that need protection from pests under my Aldi garden covers. Here’s what I am growing beneath the covers so far:

  • Waltham Broccoli
  • Miranda Purple Broccoli
  • Dwarf Blue Kale
  • Carrots
  • Leaf Lettuce
  • Strawberries
Fruit and veggie plants planted in a raised bed with an Aldi Greenhouse cover on top
Covered raised garden bed with strawberries, lettuce, carrots, and more

I would also like to grow zucchini and squash under the raised bed covers as well. This is a project for another day and I will be sure to update when that time comes!

While I wish these awesome gardening products were available year-round, many of the garden finds at Aldi are gone by the next time you make it to the store. For this reason, buy, buy, buy if you see what you want one day!

Plants in raised bed under the Aldi greenhouse drop-over cover
Plants in raised bed under the Aldi greenhouse drop-over cover

That being said, you may still find some of these covers being resold at other retailers. Beware of the higher price points. I saw something that looked to be this exact product for sale on Amazon for $60!

Did you manage to score you own raise bed cover at Aldi? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy Gardening!

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