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Seed Swap Unboxing: Winter Therapy for Gardeners

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After seeing how excited my girls got during our seed swaps this year, we decided to make a few unboxing videos for our gardening adventures. It’s pretty exciting to see what you get in a mystery pack of seeds in the mail! Seed mail *IS* the best mail, after all!

So, here’s our first attempt at an unboxing video as a bit of garden therapy to stretch us through until spring arrives. We hope you enjoy the seed swap unboxing journey with us!

Gardening and seed swapping offer awesome stress relief for adults! Gardening and seed swapping are my favorite new hobbies during the pandemic and for decades to come. I love sharing things we’ve worked hard to grow and getting to try new vegetables, fruits, and flowers from other gardeners.

We designed our seed swap unboxing videos to help get all of us gardeners through the winter. (Well, at least those of us too far north to enjoy year-round gardening!) Spring feels so far away!

(By the way, if you want to get a jump start on your gardening, try these tips for Germinating Seeds in Paper Towel Method. Life-Changing!)

Seed Swap Unboxing Preview

Gardening opens up a wide world of wonder for young growers, too, like my daughters, Bunny & Little Bear, who explore the rewards of their earliest efforts in seed swapping in this video. The girls – particularly big sis – traded custom seed saving envelopes for seeds to plant in their garden this year. Thanks to the generosity of wonderful gardeners across the United States, we have still more seeds to enjoy planting next season. (Now we just need a bigger backyard!)

Seed Swap Custom Seed Envelopes

This seed swap unboxing video is our very first one we’ve made, and the first in the series. We hope you like it! This video offers a quick glimpse into the dynamic and relationships between gardeners, particularly experienced growers sharing and trading to help inspire the next generation of gardeners. ❤︎

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