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Just when the gardening gear at Dollar Tree seems to have dried up, I’ve found something arguably even better. The Ollies garden section!

We have an Ollies Bargain Outlets store in Pottstown, PA, not far from us and certainly worth the drive. I always love the unique and unexpected items we find at Ollies, as well as those we go there *hoping* to find.

Have you checked your local Ollies garden aisles recently? We’re already in June 2021 at the time of this writing and the aisles were packed with awesome deals and finds!

In case you aren’t already an Ollies shopper, I’ll clue you in on some reasons to check it out.

And then I’ll share some pictures and details on the awesome garden stuff we found!

Benefits of Shopping for Garden Supplies at Ollies Bargain Outlets

Shopping at Ollies for gardening items is so much fun! I always feel like I’m destined to find amazing things when I shop here, and it usually always comes true.

  • Treasure Hunting! You never know what you’ll find at Ollies! I almost always find something that I’m super excited about when I go there. On the rare occasion failing that, I’ll at least pick up a bag of almond M&Ms for $2.29. This year the Ollies garden aisles were full of exciting
  • Seasonal Stock – Even when stores like Dollar Tree have long sold out of gardening supplies, fear not. You still have a great chance to find garden gear at Ollies. Flower pots and planters galore totally satisfied our needs when scouring the Ollies garden section.
  • Fab Finds – The range of items and quality at Ollies are fitting for all uses and budgets. It’s true you never know what you’ll find, but usually you do find awesome items and – as they say – Good Stuff Cheap! I loved this fancy ceramic hanging basket planter I found there but didn’t have a good place to hang it so I left it for someone else to enjoy.
  • Great Deals – Ollies prices are very reasonable for a wide array of food, gifts, housewares, outdoor items, toys, crafts, toiletries, cleaners, and so much more.
  • Ollies Coupons – Check your email and look for the postcard in the mail to see if you’ve received any Ollies coupons! Sometimes you can find an Ollies 15 off coupon in your email or postal mail. Save even more on the already low prices!

Ollies Garden Gear

Ollies Outlet had lots of gardening gear toward the middle of the store. In previous years, I’ve bought potting soil there, too.

This place is often my go-to for cheap scrapbook stuff and photo albums, cool kids crafts and office supplies, neat baking toppings, and occasional Yankee candle buyouts.

But there’s so much more!

I’ve found so much cool stuff here over the years and now I’m super stoked about the Ollies garden selection. I really want to go back and check out those flower pots all over again.

It was an entire aisle – both sides – of planters and flower pots of ALL sizes! Even a few huge ones!

Ollies Bargain Hunt – Gardening Style

Boy, am I a sucker for an aisle of gardening supplies! Especially a beautiful flower pot or five!

Ollies had plenty to choose from, including plastic pots as well as glazed ceramic ones.

The Ollies bargain hunt began in an aisle stocked full of gardening tools – mostly hand tools that we already had so I snapped a photo and kept going.

Ollies Bargain Outlets Garden Tools Section

I did feel interested in the Scott’s Drip System for easy irrigation, but we were in a rush and I didn’t have time to process how it works and how you hook the system up to water.

Scotts Drip Irrigation Kit at Ollies Bargain Outlet

(Anyone already own this and know how it works? Shout at us in the comments please!)

The most exciting Ollies gardening supplies we found were, of course, the many different sizes, shapes, and colors of flower pots.

Variety of Beautiful Colored Flower Pots and Planters at Ollies

I headed to Ollies in hunt of a few hanging basket planters. We found rather nice ones that look durable for only $4.99 apiece. We picked up three, as well as two rectangular planters in the pattern of a whiskey barrel and a terracotta colored window box style planter.

I left behind an absolutely gorgeous glazed ceramic hanging basket planter set. They ranged from $7.99 to $10.99 each. I just wish I had somewhere to hang them! Truly lovely.

Gray Glazed Hanging Basket Planter For Sale at Ollies Bargain Warehouse

Final Thoughts: Ollies Garden Finds

If you have an Ollies Bargain Outlet near you, now is an excellent time to check out the gardening section. Ollies garden aisles did not disappoint when we went.

Of course, as with any treasure hunt type store, your mileage WILL vary. As long as you go into it knowing that, you should have fun seeing what great finds you can score.

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My best guess is all Ollies discount outlet stores may have slightly different merchandise, so we’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below!

Let’s chat about our awesome Ollies garden finds!

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