Best Father’s Day Gardening Gifts

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Dads who love to garden are sure to love gifts that fit their favorite hobby. Father’s Day gardening gifts work great for Dad, father-in-law, stepdad, husband, or any special guy in your life.

My dad enjoys growing his tomatoes and zinnias. His dad before him enjoyed spending time in the garden as well. (So did my mom and her dad, who grew beautiful, fragrant long-stem roses.) It’s only natural that I love gardening, too.

It’s wonderful to be able to grow my own garden and share stories and seeds with my dad. It got me to thinking about gardening gifts for Father’s Day.

So, I decided to make a list. Here we go with some of the best Father’s Day gifts for gardeners.

Indoor Gardening Gifts for Father’s Day

Depending on Dad’s interests, indoor Father’s Day gardening gifts might be just what he needs to extend his growing season and grow his hobby.

Consider these fun indoor gardening gifts for Dad.

  • Aero Garden or similar Hydroponics Setup
  • Plant LED Kit / Grow Lights
  • Canning Jars and Pressure Canner
  • Seed Starter Kit
  • Propagation Station
  • Air Layering Kit
  • Heat Mat
  • Chia Pets
  • Seed Storage Organizer
  • Garden Journal and Pens

Outdoor Father’s Day Gardening Gifts

Meaningful gardening gifts for Father’s Day remind Dad how much he’s loved. Consider these unique and sentimental outdoor garden gifts.

  • Handmade Stepping Stone from the Kids or Grandkids
  • Irrigation Gadgets with Timers
  • Drip Irrigation System
  • Good Hose – kink free, etc.
  • Lightweight Hoses
  • Japanese Hori Hori Garden Knife
  • Ho-Mi Tool
  • Hand Weeder
  • Never Sink Farm Weeder
  • Kusakichi Kana Scraper
  • New Trowel
  • Clippers
  • Fancy Garden Tools Set (long handles)
  • Pruner Holster
  • Garden Rocker Seat
  • Season-Extending Fabric and Hoops
  • Garden Hat with Wide Brim such as Tilley Hat
  • Truck Load of Garden Soil, Compost, Mulch, etc.
  • Raised Beds or Whiskey Barrel Planters
  • Garden Knee Pads
  • Garden Arch or Trellis
  • Dahlia Tubers
  • Composter
  • Garden Organizer
  • Potting Bench
  • Rubber Bucket for Weeds
  • Electric Tiller
  • Small Quart-Sized Sprayer
  • The DISC Hoe
  • Rain Barrel
  • Grafting Tool
  • Ryobi Battery Powered Tiller
  • Ratchet Printer
  • Cobra Head – Do Anything Tool
  • Sunday Afternoon Hat SPF 50
  • Gardening Boots
  • Long Handled Cultivator
  • Silicone Thumb Knife – Fruit and Veggie Picking Portable Knife Garden Tool
  • Windchime (so he can hear it and think of you)

Pay attention to Dad’s favorite crops to grow and see if you can match his interests to a unique gardening Father’s Day gift.

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Even More Father’s Day Gifts for Gardeners: Gardening Gift Basket

You might also like to create a gardening gift basket for an unforgettable Father’s Day present.

Here are some fun gardening themed gift items you can include.

  • Heirloom Seeds
  • Good Garden Gloves
  • Lotion bar or good hand cream
  • Gift Cards to Gardening Supply, Landscaper, or Nurseries
  • Seed Catalog with a Gift Card
  • Farmer’s Almanac Calendar
  • Books for Gardeners
  • New garden tool
  • Flower pot
  • YETI travel mug or similar

If your dad would like something simpler, just get him a seeds gift basket with lots of different, unique seeds he can plant.

Imagine the fun of going through an entire basket of seeds! (Most gardeners will understand how truly exciting this is!)

Best Father's Day Gardening Gifts - Seed packets background on pinterest image

Final Thoughts: Gardening with Dad

Time spent with Dad is probably the #1 best thing you can give him for Father’s Day. Spend time together in the garden, together for a barbecue, or at least on the phone if you can’t get together in person.

Choosing gardening gifts for Father’s Day rekindles a beloved hobby and brings you to the front of his mind whenever he’s in the garden.

Gardening can be a healthy hobby that helps people live longer with less stress. Exercise and other gardening benefits add quality to one’s life.

Which of these Father’s Day gardening gifts do you think would be the best choice for your own Dad or the guy in your life? What’s on your own gardening wish list?

Let’s chat in the comments below!

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