Giantex White Raised Garden Beds – HDPE Garden Boxes

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It took me a long time to settle on durable, food-safe raised garden beds for our backyard. After much research, I landed on a set of 4 white raised garden beds by Giantex.

Giantex White raised garden bed with soil, hand spade, and wine glass with fence and more garden boxes in the distance
Finally! I was so excited to have these raised garden beds ready for use in 2021!

My original 4×4 garden beds were made by my husband with love when we were newlyweds. Turns out, wood construction doesn’t last as long as you’d think.

Growing a garden is a lifelong hobby, so I wanted raised beds that would stand the test of time.

Border Collie with Giantex white raised garden beds
Here’s our Border Collie with our Giantex white raised garden beds.

I purchased a four-pack of Giantex / Costway 4×4 raised garden beds in 2021. Here’s my review and an overview of how to install HDPE raised garden beds.

Why Costway / Giantex White Raised Garden Beds?

After weeks of research, I decided to buy the white HDPE garden boxes.

Here’s why:


I chose the Giantex white HDPE garden box style to coordinate with a white fence bordering my vegetable garden plot. I liked the way my garden mockup looked!

Border Collie by white garden boxes
Our beloved Border Collie by white garden boxes

Forget the fact that my husband vetoed me getting 10 white garden boxes. There’s still time to add a few more in the coming years!

Raised garden bed plan and diagram with layout of crops and trellises
One of my possible raised garden bed plans with a diagram and layout of crops and trellises
Note: Husband did not approve this garden plan.

Heck, I am planning on buying more property somewhere to expand my gardens into a real orchard and flower beds as far as the eye can see…!


The 48-inch dimensions work well for lots of different veggie garden plants or even square-foot gardening.

I liked this 4×4 size and it is also aesthetically pleasing for a fence-side garden.

Border Collie looking into Giantex raised bed in yard
HDPE 4 by 4 raised beds – Border Collie for scale!


Quality plastic garden boxes certainly last longer than wood ones when properly maintained. After my first boxes bit the dust, I decided plastic raised beds were the way to go.

Thankfully, the construction of the Costway / Giantex garden beds meets my quality and durability needs.

Food-Safe Materials

The biggest reason I chose the HDPE raised beds is because of the food-safe plastic constructions. With two young kids and a health-conscious mind, food safety in the garden was my top priority.

Kids and dog playing by white raised gardens
My kids and dog playing by our white raised gardens

Easy Assembly of 4×4 HDPE White Raised Garden Beds

The white raised garden boxes literally snap together easy peasy! I had my husband do it, but I absolutely could have done it myself.

Truthfully, my 9yo daughter helped more than he did!

Daughter assembling garden boxes with a screwdriver
Daughter assembling garden boxes with a screwdriver in 2021

In hindsight, I would have done the double-stack and bought twice as many white raised garden beds.

Mainly because of our groundhog problems – one day I will remedy this!

Easy assembly of Giantex HDPE raised garden beds
Easy assembly of Giantex HDPE raised garden beds

How to Set Up Raised Garden Beds

Follow these simple steps to set up your own garden boxes.

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  1. Snap together the plastic sides.
  2. Screw in the metal tether brace.

    4x4 white raised garden box in the grass
  3. Cut a 4-ft by 4-ft section of weed matting and lay it down.

    Red scissors after cutting roll of weed matting for garden box base
  4. Cut a 4-ft by 4-ft section of 1/4-inch hardware cloth and lay it on top of the weed matting.

    Weed matting and hardware cloth barrier for garden box
  5. Push landscaping staples through the hardware cloth and into the ground.

    Daughter helping to build HDPE raised garden beds
  6. Cut the cardboard packaging to size. Lay down a full layer of cardboard on top of the hardware cloth.
  7. Set the white garden bed frame on top of the cardboard and hardware cloth.

    Layer of cardboard on the bottom of a Giantex raised garden bed
  8. Push the included pins through to secure the white garden box to the ground.
  9. Fill the raised garden bed with garden soil or soil mix (topsoil, compost, perlite, etc.).

    Filled up garden box with soil and perlite
  10. Move on to the next one. Measure the distance for any other garden beds you will install nearby.

    Installing multiple raised garden beds with weed matting
  11. Repeat steps as needed.

    Cardboard layer under garden beds

Preparing Raised Garden Beds

Here are a few tips to help you prepare your raised garden beds. (I bought my white garden beds from Amazon, by the way.)

Daughter helping to build raised beds
Lots of great help from my daughter! She’s so focused!

What do I put on the bottom of a raised garden bed?

Place a layer of cardboard on the bottom of a raised garden bed to keep grass and weeds at bay. You can also cut a section of 1/4-inch hardware cloth to help keep out moles and voles.

Weed matting and hardware cloth on the bottom of a raised garden box
Weed matting and hardware cloth on the bottom of a raised garden box in our yard

Cardboard Grass Barrier

Cardboard works well for a no-dig raised garden. Choose thick cardboard boxes, like those you get from packages in the mail.

For best results, place the cardboard so it extends slightly beyond the interior perimeter of the garden box.

Cutting cardboard for a garden box barrier

This can help to keep grass and weeds from growing up into your garden spaces from the edges.

1/4-Inch Hardware Cloth

Laying down hardware cloth now can help protect your raised garden box from invaders for years to come.

One year with my early garden boxes, we had a problem with rodents in the garden. Voles or moles burrowed underneath the beds from under the ground, creating tunnels amid my green beans.

Hardware cloth and wire cutters in the grass
Cutting hardware cloth for the base of the garden box

A hardware cloth barrier proved to be a good solution to keeping them out!

What do you fill a raised garden bed with?

Fill your raised bed with garden soil. You can also mix in compost or leaves. If you wish to make your own soil mix, you can do so with soil, perlite for aeration, and compost like mushroom compost.

Filling raised garden box with garden soil

How do you fill tall garden boxes?

For a deep raised garden bed, you may wish to add some sticks in the bottom before soil to help fill up the space. This works well for tall raised beds that are 2-feet deep or so.

Most vegetables do not need more than a foot of root space.

Border Collie lying down near the garden
Our garden dog loves being with us out there!

White Raised Garden Bed Recommendations

I love my white raised garden beds and would definitely buy them again!

Installing raised garden beds by Giantex - white HDPE garden boxes
Installing raised garden beds by Giantex – white HDPE garden boxes – built by mom and daughter team!

Of course with any gardening project, you have lessons learned. Often to no fault of the equipment!

Here are the few things I would do differently:

  • Stack Them – Groundhogs and bunnies can reach plants when the beds are only single stacked.
  • Fence Them In – Even stacked, you may still find some garden pests climb. Consider adding a 4×4 raised garden stake fence or exterior garden fences.
  • Leave Space Between – Measure the distance from one raised bed to the next to create equal pathways. More than anything, measure for the mower! I asked my hubs to help with measuring and he wouldn’t… so, ya get what you get and don’t get upset. (lol)

Feel free to ask me anything about my white raised garden boxes. You can learn more about the product at Giantex.com!

If you use them too, we’d love to hear about your experience as well. Let’s chat in the comments!

Border Collie kisses for mom in the garden
Border Collie kisses for mom in the garden

Happy Gardening!

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