National Pick Strawberries Day – Strawberry Picking Fun

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Mark your calendar for National Pick Strawberries Day! On this day each year, it’s a great reminder to make some plans to enjoy the strawberry season. Even if you don’t go this exact day, here are some tips for things to do on National strawberry picking day.

Whether you grow them yourself or love visiting the orchard, May is the start of strawberry season. It’s a fantastic time to get out in the garden or visit a strawberry picking farm.

Two sisters picking strawberries - National Picking Strawberries Day is a great time to look for local strawberry farms
Two sisters picking strawberries in 2018 – National Strawberry Picking Day is a great time to look for local strawberry farms.
(The little one may have had a taste test. 🙂

When is National Strawberry Picking Day?

National Pick Strawberries Day – also known as National Strawberry Picking Day and Pick a Strawberry Day – takes place on May 20th each year. This is a great reminder to seize the day and schedule some time to pick strawberries!

Older daughter picking strawberries in a pink dress
Older daughter picking strawberries at Hausman’s Fruit Farm

What month is best for strawberry picking?

The region and climate where you live affect which month you will find the best strawberry picking opportunities. Throughout most of the country, strawberry picking is best during April, May, and June. More northern states may see a later strawberry crop while southern states may start a bit earlier.

Check your area and look into local fruit farms to see when the best time for picking strawberries is for your location.

Fresh red strawberries

Celebrating National Strawberry Picking Day

Happy National Strawberry Picking Day! Have you decided what you’ll do to celebrate one of the best fruits for picking?!

Here are some ideas to make the most of pick a strawberry day:

  • See if any local strawberry farms are open for a visit today.
  • Plan ahead for a different day to go picking.
  • Pick from your own backyard if you’re growing berries!
  • Bake something with strawberries – shortcake, scones, or another treat.
  • Buy strawberry plants to start your own strawberry patch!
  • Chow down on some fresh, juicy strawberries.
  • Make a strawberry smoothie or strawberry milkshake.


Whatever you do, use the hashtag #PickStrawberriesDay to show off the great memories you’ve made on social media.

Little girl wearing pink picking strawberries
Youngest daughter picking strawberries at Hausman’s Fruit Farm in 2018

More Strawberry Holidays:

If you like the idea of National Strawberry Picking Day, try these other fun strawberry holidays:

  • February 27 – National Strawberry Day
  • Month of May – National Strawberry Month
  • June 14 – National Strawberry Shortcake Da
  • July 7 – National Strawberry Sundae Day

Wishing you and yours a Happy National Pick Strawberries Day, whatever you decide to do!

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