National Strawberry Day – 10 Ways to Enjoy Strawberries

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Fresh strawberries bring such a delicious burst of flavor to life. Whether it’s a scrumptious dessert or the joy of growing your own strawberries, you can find so many ways to celebrate National Strawberry Day.

Mark your calendar for National Strawberry Day on February 27. It’s still frosty cold where we live here in zone 6b, but we are definitely looking forward to warmer days, and especially gardening season.

In this post, I am excited to explore all the best things about strawberries so we can all honor this popular fruit on its special day. According to the International Fresh Produce Association, strawberries are the #3 most purchased and consumed fruit in the United States.

Bright Red, Juicy Strawberries for National Strawberry Day
Bright Red, Juicy Strawberries for National Strawberry Day

I am not surprised! They are so yummy. Let’s dig into National Strawberry Day a bit more and make some awesome plans to enjoy this favorite fruit!

What is National Strawberry Day?

National Strawberry Day is a special day created to honor and celebrate strawberries. So many people love and appreciate this tasty, juicy fruit, so it’s nice to have a certain day of the year set aside to enjoy strawberries in honor of all that they are and everything they mean to people.

When is National Strawberry Day?

National Strawberry Day takes place on February 27, 2022 this year. Every year, you can enjoy celebrating this holiday when February 27 rolls around.

How to Celebrate Strawberry Day

You don’t need to make any big plans to celebrate a day all about strawberries. Generally, if you have some strawberries in the house, you can come up with your own fun plans even with a few moments’ notice.

So be sure to pick up that carton of strawberries and get ready to celebrate one of the best fruit flavors of all time.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries with pink jimmies sprinkles for decoration
Chocolate-Covered Strawberries with pink jimmies sprinkles for decoration – made in 2019 by our girls!

National Strawberry Day Ideas

Here are some of my favorite suggestions for how to celebrate National Strawberry Day with your family, friends, kids, or totally solo.

  1. Enjoy some strawberry pancakes for breakfast. Mix the strawberry chunks or slices right into the batter. Add chocolate chips, too, if you like!
  2. Make chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert. Decorate them with sprinkles for a fun look or coconut for a tropical taste. Try semisweet chocolate, milk, dark, or white chocolate – whatever your heart desires.
  3. Drop off chocolate-covered strawberries for your best friend. If you live nearby, surprise your bestie with some homemade strawberry treats.
  4. Create cute strawberry crafts with the kids. Make strawberry handprints or hearts out of construction paper decorated as strawberries.
  5. Make fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade. Add some fresh puree and a few slices of strawberry.
  6. Plant strawberry seeds and see if you can grow your own little plants. Be sure to put them in a sunny window or under some lights for faster germination!
  7. Buy strawberry plants to grow yourself. (It’s still a little cold here in zone 6 to plant them outside, but you can start planning!)
  8. Learn some strawberry trivia or take a strawberry quiz. Learn all that you can about strawberries!
  9. Look for other fun strawberry recipes for things you can make. Try strawberry scones, strawberry shortcake, and strawberry cookies, for starters.
  10. Share your strawberry adventures on social! If you do take any pictures, post your favorite along with the hashtag #NationalStrawberryDay.
Strawberry plants growing in a large flower pot with a seashell
Strawberry plants growing in a large flower pot with a seashell

Other Important Strawberry Events

If you truly love strawberries, you might also want to mark your calendar for these strawberry events:

  • Fresh Strawberry Picking – Check when strawberry season peaks in your region. Head to a local farm and enjoy going strawberry picking! Here in PA Zone 6, we look forward to picking in June, but sometimes as early as May. I’ve heard those in Florida and Texas may even be able to pick in April!
  • January 15 – National Strawberry Ice Cream Day – Every year on January 15
  • Month of May – National Strawberry Month – Every May
  • June 14 – National Strawberry Shortcake Day – Every year on June 14
  • July 7 – National Strawberry Sundae Day – Every year on July 7
Picking Strawberries - Make Future Plans in Honor of National Strawberry Day
Picking Strawberries in June 2018 with our friends – Make Future Plans to enjoy strawberries.

Do you love strawberries? Are you fond of growing them, too, or just eating them?

Feel free to share your favorite things about strawberries or other ways to celebrate National Strawberry Day in our comments below.

We love hearing from you!

Happy Strawberry Day!

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