Handprint Bunny Easter Craft and Keepsake

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As a sentimental mom, I am all about the handprint crafts and doing fun holiday activities with my kids. A few years ago, we painted a handprint bunny Easter craft. This wooden Easter rabbit full of priceless handprints looks adorable in our home every spring.

What I love most about handprint crafts is that quasi ability to freeze time, only in the sense of how my kids are in this very moment. Their tiny, precious hands seem to mean so much to me emblazoned on any craft material that makes sense.

This Handprint Bunny Easter Craft becomes a treasured decoration for years to come.
This Handprint Bunny Easter Craft becomes a treasured decoration for years to come. We made ours in 2021.

What are some good handprint crafts for Easter?

Handprint crafts are fun and memorable for kids. Consider making an Easter bunny DIY sign board with different colored handprints from all your kids. Choose a sign that leans, stands independently, or hangs from a hook and string. You could also try a handprint Easter egg plaque or sign, or one with a chick, duckling or other baby animal. Handprint flowers would also be lovely for Easter.

How long does it take to make a DIY Easter bunny handprint craft?

The size of the bunny sign and the thickness of each coat of paint will play a part in determining how long this project takes. We spaced ours out across two or three days so that the coats of paint could fully dry.

Materials for Making an Easter Bunny Handprint Craft

To make this priceless Easter handprint keepsake, gather up the following materials and supplies:

  • Wooden Bunny Sign
  • White Paint
  • Colorful Paint in Your Kids’ Favorite Colors
  • Big Paintbrushes or Sponge Brush Applicators
  • Cup with Water
  • Paper Towels
  • Newspaper to Protect the Surface
Painting Hand Pink and Orange with Sponge Brush Applicator
Painting Her Hand Pink and Orange with a Sponge Brush Applicator

Handprint Bunny DIY Instructions:

Follow these instructions to make an adorable handprint bunny sign with your kids for Easter and springtime.

  1. Paint the entire bunny sign white. You may also use a light color of your choice.
  2. Allow the first coat of paint to dry fully. We painted our bunny outside, so I think we managed to get a second coat of paint on the bunny about a half-hour later. Your mileage may vary.
  3. Paint a second coat of the same color. Allow it to dry again.
  4. Get ready for handprints! Once the bunny sign board is dry, you may begin painting the children’s hands. Ask each child to choose their first handprint color. (My girls made some in solid colors and some in more of a tie-dye style.)
  5. Paint a medium coat of paint across the first hand. Pay attention to creases and use caution in between fingers. Avoid globs when possible.
  6. Ask your child to gently and slowly press down on the bunny. They can put their handprints anywhere they like! The ears and tail are very cute but don’t forget the other areas as well.
  7. Continue painting hands and making handprints. Keep going to fill those empty spaces until you’re happy with the look. Try to avoid too much overlapping so you still get the full effect of seeing each child’s handprint.
  8. Repeat the steps for the back of the bunny as well. We made sure each of our girls had equal representation on both sides. They tend to squabble if not, so just throwing that out there.
  9. Allow to dry completely before sealing if desired. We never got around to sealing ours, but you can if you like. Consider painting a coat of Mod Podge or spray with waterproofing sealer if desired. Be sure to follow all instructions on the package if using these products.

We love our Easter bunny handprint sign and I look forward to seeing it every Easter. My kids are still fairly small so we can probably do another handprint craft in the near future for another holiday or even a different Easter one.

Where to Buy Wooden Easter Bunny Blanks

We got our Easter bunny sign board at Michaels back in 2018 or 2019. I can’t promise you’ll be able to find the same one, unfortunately. But all is not lost – here are some ideas for where to get wooden bunny blanks for Easter crafts like this handprint one.

DIY Handprint Bunny Easter Sign Decoration
DIY Handprint Bunny Easter Sign Decoration
  • Michaels – Right now I am seeing a few different styles of wood bunny blanks. You can choose one that stands or hangs up.
  • Amazon – A lot of different bunny blanks are available on Amazon! However, please pay close attention to the size of the wood bunnies and compare to the size of your children’s hands and how many kids you have. With a craft like this and quite a few kids, bigger is better, or get each kid their own bunny!
  • Other Craft Stores & Retailers – Check the craft section of your local stores. Look on Facebook Marketplace and other sites, too. You might even be able to find independent crafters and carpenters offering Easter bunny blanks.
Wooden Bunny Handprint Sign
Wooden Bunny Handprint Sign

By the way, if you liked this craft, be sure to come back for Halloween and try our glow-in-the-dark handprint pumpkin craft. I recommend using a faux pumpkin so you can enjoy seeing it every year. However, you can also do it to a regular old pumpkin you’d carve or paint.

Do you have any fun Easter traditions and handprint crafts you love like this one? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

As always, feel free to ask questions if you need help with any of our crafts and projects.

Sending you all the warmest wishes for a Happy Easter if you celebrate and a Happy Spring either way!

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