Sunflower Photoshoot Outfit Ideas for Unforgettable Pics

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Imagine all the fun and gorgeous pictures you can take in a sunflower photoshoot! Plan ahead and find the best sunflower photoshoot outfit ideas for your crew to help ensure a picture-perfect family photo in the flower field.

Every year, lots of farms open their fields to the public, allowing families, couples – and anyone for that matter – to bring their sunflower photoshoot ideas to life. It’s usually pretty easy to find a sunflower photo backdrop at a local farm. Simply search on Google or Facebook for sunflower fields and sunflower farms.

No matter what the age or attitude, you can come up with a few amazing sunflower photoshoot ideas to pop in a frame, update your social media profiles, or mail to your grandmother. (Or why not all three?!)

Check out these fun sunflower photoshoot outfit ideas and more tips for having a picture party in the sunflower fields!

Awesome Sunflower Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

Families, friends, sweethearts, and singles all find fabulous sunflower photoshoot ideas and poses. Before heading to the fields, though, make sure you find something to wear!

Look around Instagram and other sites for inspiration on attractive sunflower photoshoot ideas. Once you have an idea of what you like, then the real fun begins.

Here are some sweet sunflower photo shoot ideas to consider for your photo session. From solids and denim to sunflower dresses for any occasion, you are sure to find a great outfit no matter where you take your sunflower photos.

Solid Colors for Maximum Impact

When it comes to sunflower photoshoot outfit ideas, keep in mind all the colors you’ll be picking up in the field. Greens, golden hues, and possibly blue and white from the sky and clouds all come to mind.

  • Dark Blue or Navy – Add a bold statement with a navy blue or dark blue color scheme amid the golden sunflowers and green foliage. Denim would be a worthy choice.
  • Cream / Ecru – A cream-colored dress looks fantastically romantic in a field of sunflowers. Off-white and ecru dresses or sunflower photoshoot outfits would also look incredible in this setting. Gauze style dresses would create an unforgettable photo shoot image.
  • White – The angelic innocence of white fabric would lend itself beautifully to a sunflower field photo shoot. Sweet white summer sundresses would leave a lasting impression. White really helps the sunflower hues to pop!
  • Green or Gold – Embrace the colors around you and add a bit of dimension with a golden yellow or Kelly green sunflower photoshoot outfit choice. Sage green, a duller, softer shade, would look stunning as well.
  • Pink or Blush – Pretty pink or blush attire would stand out as one of the best sunflower field photo shoot outfit ideas. These colors typically aren’t represented already in the landscape and would add a nice pop of color.
  • Black – It’s just about impossible to go wrong with black in a fun photoshoot among sunflowers. Black dress, top, skirt, slacks, leggings, it doesn’t matter. Embrace this classic color!

Other colors may also look great, like red and orange and so forth. Rely on your sense of style to guide you to the most fitting sunflower field photoshoot outfits for your family or group.

Dresses are one of my very favorite pieces of clothing, so let’s get started on some awesome outfits for sunflower photo shoots!

Sunflower Dress Ideas for Moms and Daughters

Few things are so sweet as matching dresses for mommy and daughter. A cheery sunflower dress makes the perfect summer statement!

Matching sundresses bring a special sentiment for sisters or mother and daughter / daughters or even for friends.

Of course, sunflower dresses are amazing regardless of kids – I just happened to have two daughters whom I loved to dress up. 🙂

And personally, I can’t wait to wear my sunflower dress to harvest fruits and veggies from our garden some sunny afternoon.

I see all these lovely gardeners on Instagram in gorgeous garden-worthy dresses and skirts. I’ve found my vibe and it’s all in the sunflower dress!

Sisters in Sunflower Dresses on the First Day of School with their Chalkboards at the Front Door

A Sunflower Dress for Any Occasion

Ideal for a garden party, photo shoot, barbecue, back to school, or just about any reason, you can’t go wrong with sunflower patterns. Dresses with sunflowers on them work well for almost any occasion, and they’re just precious for little girls in a photo shoot!

I still remember getting my first sunflower dress back in the day when I was graduating 8th grade. I was so proud to wear that sunflower sundress under my royal blue cap and gown.

It worked out perfectly for my graduation party after the ceremony!

Today as a grown mother of two girls, I love sunflower dresses just as much and even more.

We enjoyed doing a back-to-school garden photo shoot with the girls in sunflower dresses. A few of our garden’s sunflowers even made a cameo!

Girls in sunflower dresses on swing set by raised garden beds

Features of a Sunflower Sundress

As you look for the best sunflower dress, remember to consider these key features to help you make your decision:

  • The Fit – First and foremost, are you looking for something loose and flowy or a dress with a tighter fit? (Or maybe something in-between?) You can find a flattering sunflower dress that also fits comfortably.
  • Length – Are you looking for a Sunflower Maxi Dress or a shorter sundress? Once you know the length, you can begin to narrow down the selections.
  • Neckline – From sleeveless to strapless, spaghetti straps, halter neck, cap sleeves, flutter sleeves, and beyond, you have so many styles to consider.
  • Pattern – Do you prefer small, understated sunflowers or large, expressive sunflowers? Perhaps something in the middle? Have fun browsing the many styles of sunflower dresses.
  • Background – Think about the main coloring of the dress. Many sunflower dresses are available with a black background or a white background. You can surely find other color combinations as well, such as blue, aqua, navy, teal, or pink.
  • Price Point – Luckily for all of us, it’s easy to find sunflower dresses for every budget.

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Sunflower Maxi Dresses

Extend the wear time of your favorite fashions with a sunflower maxi dress. You can pair it with a cardigan and wear it well into the fall!

When choosing a sunflower maxi dress, consider these factors to help you select one you’ll love:

  • Length – If you’re petite and on the vertically challenged side like me, you may want to measure yourself and compare it to the length of the dress.
  • Stretchiness – Stretchy maxi dresses and skirts are divine! Look for a stretchy fabric that you’ll want to live in all day.
  • Color Scheme – Since they’re so popular, sunflower dresses are available in a wide variety of backgrounds. Consider whether you wish to have a dark or light dress.
  • Straps – Consider whether you wish to go sleeveless, strapless, or with some lovely style of sleeves to set off the neckline of the dress.

Coordinating Mommy & Me Dresses

In most cases, you may not find a 100% perfect match in styles between kids and adult sizes. If you’re going for matching dresses, simply try to find the closest match.

  • Color – Choose patterns with the same background color.
  • Shape – Try to select dresses with similar shape and size of sunflowers.
  • Style – If possible, look for dresses that have a similar length. While not as important, try to match up the neckline or sleeve style if it works out.

When in doubt, show your daughters the choices and let them pick! It’s sure to be a memorable moment when you dress up together.

More Sunflower Photo Shoot Outfits

Let’s not let me get too carried away with dresses 100% of the time! Lots of folks probably find themselves more comfortable in pants or shorts. Here are a few more sunflower field photoshoot ideas.

  • Jeans – Little boys will look truly dapper in jeans! The blue color of the denim really looks lovely next to the yellow and green from the sunflowers in your photos.
  • Overalls – Cute kids’ overalls of any color would look adorable as a sunflower photoshoot outfit.
  • Corduroy Skirts – I am OBSESSED with corduroy skirts in just about any color. I’d love to see a burgundy corduroy skirt worn with boots as the sunflower field photo shoot outfit choice!
  • Peasant Style Attire – The billowy peasant-style tops and dresses would be a romantic choice for a photoshoot in the field.

These are just a few sunflower field photoshoot ideas for a suitable outfit. If you have more suggestions or would like to share what you’ve worn in the past, please hit us up in the comments! We always love hearing from you!

Sunflower Dress Accessories

Once you’ve found an adorable matching sunflower dress for yourself and your daughter or daughters, it’s onto shoes!

Shoes / Sandals / Boots

White strappy sandals are sure to look lovely, although brown or black sandals could also be a pretty choice. Don’t rule out cowboy boots or cowgirl boots – those would also look amazing with your sunflower photo shoot outfit!


Stylish sun hats truly add elegance and fashionable flair to any sunflower field photo shoot. Consider other hat styles as well, like cowboy hats if you wish.


For our girls, I selected denim jean jackets for a throwback style that adds a little casual fun. We took pictures with and without the jean jackets and loved both looks.

Hair Accessories

A white or yellow headband would be darling with a sunflower dress! You can also go for a blue bow – ours had a sequin ponytail bow.

Sunflower clips or barrettes would also look fab!

Dwarf Sunspot Sunflower Closeup along white siding of a house

Garden Photo Shoot in a Sunflower Dress

You don’t need a full sunflower field to take great photos! It’s so much fun taking photos outside among all the flowers and natural settings. Set up a garden photo shoot with your kids for stunning and memorable photos in your own backyard.

If possible, try to snap some of these poses in the garden or around the property:

  • Holding Hands – Sisters holding hands looking at the tallest sunflower.
  • Barefoot – Daughter(s) playing barefoot in the rain or splashing in a puddle. (a clean one!)
  • Mommy & Me Portrait – Mommy and daughter or daughters in focus with a blurred sunflower background.
  • In Focus with Flowers – Children in sunflower dresses standing centered in front of other colorful garden flowers, such as zinnias.
  • Birdbath – Try snapping a few fun pictures near a birdbath, fountain or other water feature if available.
  • Garden Props – Shoot a few photos with a watering can – the smaller the child, the larger the watering can. J
  • Harvesting – If possible, snap some photos of your daughters tasting some fruit from their pick-your-own backyard. Filling a harvest basket in sunflower dresses would also be a precious pic!
A Sunflower Dress makes the perfect garden inspired outfit for so many delightful occasions. Sweet sisters stand staring at flowers in sunflower dresses.

Where to Buy Sunflower Dresses

My favorite place to shop for the perfect sunflower dress is Amazon. I bought all three of our sunflower dresses there in 2020.

The sheer volume of choices makes it easy to find a great dress, even if you’re a little picky about styles.

Another fun place to buy sunflower dresses is Etsy. I love the creative styles offered by so many talented artisans skilled in their craft.

You can find sunflower dresses for all ages at either shop! I’ve shared some of my favorites throughout this post.

I hope you find the perfect sunflower dress for yourself or your favorite little ones!

Do you have any other special ideas for enjoying life in a sunflower dress? Let’s chat in the comments!

11.23.21 – Edited to expand with more sunflower photoshoot outfit ideas

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