National Flower Day – 15 Ways to Celebrate Flowers

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Who doesn’t love flowers?! National Flower Day comes up in March and reminds us to take some time to appreciate the beauty around us. This flower holiday is the perfect time to plant some flower seeds and get ready for spring gardening weather.

Whether you have fresh flowers growing right now or maybe it’s still too cold, you can still celebrate flowers in your own way for National Flower Day.

Beautiful bouquet of yellow, pink, and orange flowers - National Flower Day Ideas
Beautiful bouquet of yellow, pink, and orange flowers

Keep reading to learn more about this garden holiday and how you can observe it!

What is National Flower Day?

National Flower Day is a special day at the beginning of spring that honors all the wonderful things about flowers. It’s a reminder to plant flowers or give flowers to someone you love. You could even get flowers for yourself! Why not? Making crafts or natural remedies with flowers, or even recipes with edible flowers, could be a fun way to mark this holiday.

When is National Flower Day Observed?

This event takes place annually on March 21. It’s easy to remember this date since this holiday kicks off right after the start of spring. Mark your calendar for March 21 every year!

Also, the day of flowers occurs at just the right timing for when to plant flower seeds indoors in PA zone 6b. This allows sufficient time for the seeds to sprout and flower seedlings to grow before hardening off and transplanting outside.

Ideas for How to Celebrate National Flower Day

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to celebrate National Flower Day on March 21, consider these fun and special suggestions.

  1. Plant some flowers indoors. March is a great time to start your flower seeds!
  2. Trade flower seeds with your favorite gardening buddies.
  3. Host a flower seed swap online or in person.
  4. Surprise someone you love with a bouquet of flowers.
  5. Decorate empty candle jars to make new flower vases.
  6. Make plantable seed papers with real flower seeds.
  7. Plant some hardy flower bulbs if you can work the soil.
  8. Try growing roses from cut flowers.
  9. Make tissue paper flowers as a neat craft.
  10. Practice drawing flowers or painting flowers with watercolors.
  11. Bake cupcakes and practice your icing flowers.
  12. Try making your own DIY pen roses flower pens.
  13. Buy some fresh flowers and make your own floral arrangements.
  14. Try pressing fresh flowers to use them in crafts at a later time.
  15. Consider all the neat ideas for what to do with rose petals.

These are just a few National Flower Day ideas to consider. Be sure to share your own in the comments below so we can all benefit!

Beautiful Neon Flowers Poms in a Bouquet for National Flower Day
Beautiful Neon Flowers Poms in a Bouquet

Other Flower Holidays

If you’re excited about celebrating this flower holiday, consider these other special flower holidays in the United States:

  • National Plant a Flower Day – Every year on March 12
  • Bring Flowers to Someone Day – Every year on May 15
  • Flower Day – Every year on May 20
  • National Water a Flower Day – Every year on May 30

These are just a few flower days to put on your calendar. You can find lots of other gardening holidays and observances if you want to celebrate them!

Also, keep in mind that March is National Flower Month as well. It’s definitely the time of year to start your flower seeds indoors (and other seeds) to get ready for spring and gardening season!

What’s your favorite suggestion on how to celebrate flowers? Do you have any questions or tips to share? We love hearing from you!

If you know other gardeners who might like knowing about National Flower Day, feel free to share our post with them – sharing is caring!

Above all, Happy National Flower Day!

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