Mystery Seeds Monday – Amazing Free Seed Swap

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My kids are absolutely obsessed with LOL Surprise Dolls. And you know what? It got me thinking. We gardeners should get to enjoy Surprises, too! So, I came up with a fun seed swap game I’m calling Mystery Seeds Monday! You should totally join us!

For many, Monday holds the title of the least favorite day of the week.

Dried Flower Seed Heads Deadheading Zinnias

The weekend’s over and the real work begins. We’re exhausted from the fun and we STILL didn’t have enough time to do everything we wanted to do or needed to do.

Monday comes too fast!

But, I’m determined to improve the vibe surrounding Monday!

Mystery Seeds Monday Free Instagram Seed Swap for Gardeners - Graphic with Dried Zinnia Flowers and text

What Is Mystery Seeds Monday?

That’s why I’m starting the Mystery Seeds Monday game on my Instagram page, @bunnysgardenblog. It’s going to be so much fun swapping mystery seeds!

The basic idea is that you’ll have an opportunity to offer and/or receive mystery seeds, or both! It would be amazing if everyone who receives seeds also offers something so we can really spread the love!

Join us on Instagram on Mondays @bunnysgardenblog where we will celebrate for the first time, Mystery Seeds Monday!

Free Seed Swap

Gardeners are some of the most generous people I’ve met! That’s why I thought it would be fun to keep paying it forward. I’ve created the hashtag #mysteryseedsmonday to introduce my fun seed swap and seed wish game for gardeners.

There are a few different ways to play and get mystery seeds!

Choose how to play:

OFFER – Mystery Seeds (Part 1)

  1. Follow me on Instagram at @bunnysgardenblog! I’ll happily follow back relevant accounts (as long as you aren’t a naked chick or a scammer spammer or a creeper asking for pics of me and my kids)!
  2. Comment on our #mysteryseedsmonday post on our Instagram account. You can find this post on Mondays on @bunnysgardenblog!
  3. Begin your comment with “OFFER.”
  4. State how many offers you can fulfill. (Ex: If you can send out three mystery packages of seeds for this type, say 3 and fulfill to the first three people who comment on your comment.)
  5. Post two clues about your seeds. (For example, it’s a cutting flower; it’s an annual. It’s a vegetable; it tastes great grilled. It is orange; it’s a great garden border flower. You get the idea! Make it as easy or tricky as you like – be creative!)
  6. Add the hashtag #mysteryseedsmonday.

Those who claim a mystery seeds packet must both comment on your post AND send you a DM.

  • Once all mystery seed packets are claimed, add another comment below your post that says “CLOSED.”

* Important: When sending out your seeds, please pack them with care and DO label what they are. The mystery is in the receiving, not in the planting!

SEND – Mystery Seeds in the Mail (Part 2)

  1. After confirming your claimed offers, you should receive a DM from those who claimed your mystery seed offer.
  2. Get the address and fill out an envelope. Add a stamp as per usual.
  3. Put the seeds in a little baggie or seed envelope.
  4. Package the seeds carefully using a bit of bubble envelope like you’d get from Amazon or some other cushioning to protect the seeds.
  5. Take a picture of your mystery seeds packet for proof before mailing. (No need to do anything with this – Just keep it for records or showing you sent if something goes wrong in the mail.)
  6. Mail your mystery seeds within 3 days.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do NOT send seeds if:

  • You currently have Covid-19 or Covid symptoms.
  • Recently, you were recently exposed to someone with Covid-19 or were identified as a close contact.
  • You had Covid within the past two weeks and did not get a negative test to confirm you are no longer contagious.

We need to keep everyone safe and will happily welcome you to participate after the risks subside!

CLAIM / RECEIVE – Mystery Seeds

  1. Follow me on Instagram at @bunnysgardenblog! I’ll happily follow back relevant accounts (as long as you aren’t a naked chick or a scammer spammer or a creeper asking for pics of me and my kids)!
  2. Browse through the comments on my #mysteryseedsmonday post.
  3. Respond to one OFFER comment to claim. (If the comment has a comment that says “CLOSED” by its author, this mystery seeds offer is no longer available.
  4. After claiming an offer, DM the commenter to say hi and confirm a mystery seeds packet.

* Please only claim one offer per packet offered. We will work out the kinks as we go through the first Mystery Seeds Monday event. My initial thought is – For example, if you offer five packets of seeds, you can request up to five.

We’ll see if this actually goes to plan!

Receiving Your Mystery Seeds

When you get your seeds, we are asking you to reach out and thank the sender with an Instagram post picturing your new seeds!

Please tag the sender as well as @bunnysgardenblog and include the hashtag #mysteryseedsmonday so everyone can join in the fun of solving the mystery!

Be sure to tell your gardening friends! The bigger our community, the better our mystery seed swaps will be and the more varieties we can all add to our gardens! ❤️

What If I Don’t Have Seeds to Swap?

Even if you don’t have seeds to trade, we still welcome beginner gardeners to Mystery Seeds Monday online events!

Please claim just one mystery seeds packet if you do not have anything to offer up. Hopefully we will have enough participation that everyone who wants to participate, can.

We ask that you pay it forward in the future when you DO have seeds to share!

And in case you’re wondering, why yes! We do have tips for how to get cheap seeds!

Disclosure: This seed swap is offered without warranties or guarantees. Participate at your own risk. This opportunity is not affiliated with Instagram.

Oh, and if you’re collecting all these seeds, better make sure you have a good system for storing them! Try these tips on How to Store Seeds for Next Season!

01.19.23 – Updated to no-index this post while keeping it live. Updated photos with full-sized versions.

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