Harvesting Nasturtium Seeds | 4 Easy and Fun Steps

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Harvesting nasturtium seeds is fun and easy, especially when you get the kids involved. Nasturtium seeds are large and easy to handle. Absolutely one of the easiest seeds I’ve ever harvested! These are the perfect seed for small hands!

These lovely, exotic-looking flowers add color to the garden, especially when growing nasturtiums in vegetable garden spaces. The round leaves add unique dimension and the edible flowers attract pollinators and enhance the garden’s ambiance.

Green garden glove holding lots of nasturtium seeds and a coral nasturtium flower
Harvesting Nasturtium Seeds – Coral Nasturtium Flower Seeds Saved from the Ground Under the Plant!
Green, white and tan seeds show different stages of maturity and ripeness.

Are you planning your nasturtium seed harvest for eating or seed-saving?

Either way, I’m excited to share that it’s quick and easy to harvest nasturtium seeds, whatever your needs.

I’ll share my favorite tips, but first, let’s dig a little deeper about nasturtiums!

Orange nasturtium growing in a gray hanging basket, lots of nice green leaves
I enjoyed growing nasturtiums in hanging baskets in our 2022 garden!

What is the scientific name for nasturtium?

The scientific name for nasturtium is Tropaeolum majus. Tropaeolum (common name: nasturtium) belongs to the family Tropaeolaceae. Interestingly, tropaeolum translates to “nose twister” – perhaps a nod to the peppery taste and aroma of these tropical flowers.

What do nasturtium seeds look like?

Nasturtium seeds look like little brains. They are plump, large seeds that range in color from green to white, tan, or brown, depending on the stage of maturity and type. As they dry, nasturtium seeds become wrinkled and look even more like a tiny brain.

Brown and Tan Nasturtium Seeds look like little brains
Brown and Tan Nasturtium Seeds look like little brains

While they are still on the plant, nasturtium flower’s seeds may appear to grow on the end of a stem or vine.

Most times, they are still green or greenish white at this point.

Nasturtium Seed Attached to a Vine Where a Flower Once Was
Nasturtium Seed Attached to a Vine Where a Flower Once Was (2021)

Does nasturtium reseed itself?

Nasturtium plants reseed effortlessly. If you don’t collect nasturtium seeds regularly, you may find plenty of nasturtium volunteers in your garden.

When can you harvest nasturtium seeds?

You can harvest nasturtium seeds when the seeds have fallen from the plant or when they are still attached. Nasturtium seeds naturally fall from the plant when they are mature and viable. You may also pick nasturtium seeds directly from the plant when they are green or white and plump and release easily. (Give it a couple more days if they don’t come free easily.)

What color are ripe nasturtium seeds?

Ripe nasturtium seeds are tan or light brown. Most times the seeds fall from the plant by the time they are truly ripe. However, you can pick them from the plant when they are plump and green or white if they come loose easily. You can also pick smaller green nasturtium seeds for eating. Those that come freely or fall to the ground should germinate readily.

Nasturtium Seed Harvest – Awesome Benefits

Enjoy the wonderful benefits of your nasturtium seed harvest!

  • Snacking / Eating
  • Seed Saving for Yourself
  • Seed Collection for Seed Swaps
  • Sensory Activity for Kids

Besides, it’s fun and feels like a great reward from a successful garden!

Harvesting nasturtium seeds only takes a couple of minutes here and there. Keep reading to discover how to harvest nasturtium seeds very easily.

Cherry Rose Nasturtium Seeds next to the seed packet
Cherry Rose Nasturtium Seeds next to the seed packet

How to Collect Nasturtium Seeds

Collecting nasturtium seeds is fun and easy! It’s also a great activity for the kids. Send them on a little seed scavenger hunt as a neat gardening activity and adventure. Memories to last a lifetime!

Follow these steps to learn the easiest method on how to collect nasturtium seeds:

  1. Search – Visit your garden and look under your nasturtium plants, directly on top of the soil.
  2. Collect – If you find any dropped nasturtium seeds (they look like tiny brains!), pick them up and put them in a harvest collection container like a colander or basket. (You can also use a paper bag, plastic cup, envelope, or other item of your choice.)
    • TIP – If seeds show signs of sprouting, leave them in the garden as you cannot reverse germination.
  3. Inspect Plants – Once you’ve collected any fallen nasturtium seeds, look on the plants. You’ll find areas where flowers once bloomed and what’s left behind is a lovely, plump seed on the vine.
  4. Remove Seeds – If the seeds come freely, you can pick them! Harvest nasturtium seeds once or twice per week to increase your seed collection.
Hand holding green nasturtium seeds from orange flower.
Hand holding green nasturtium seeds from orange flower. (2021)

Harvesting Nasturtium Seeds

After collecting nasturtium seeds, let them dry thoroughly on paper or cardboard for a few weeks. Once dry, the seeds will be hardened and brown or tan. You can save them for next year in a paper bag or seed envelope.

Here are my favorite tips on How to Dry, Save, and Store Nasturtium Seeds.

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Do you grow nasturtiums in your garden? What are your favorite tips for collecting seeds? Have you ever crossed varieties to create your own?

Feel free to ask questions or post tips in our comments below!

By the way, you might also enjoy our Google web story on saving nasturtium seeds!

Happy Gardening!

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