How to Save Nasturtium Seeds | Drying and Storage Tips

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Learning how to save nasturtium seeds helps to ensure a viable collection of seeds for future seasons. Follow a few nasturtium drying and storage tips to easily grow this garden flower and culinary herb year after year.

If you haven’t collected your seeds yet, head over to my post on Harvesting Nasturtium Seeds to get the scoop.

And if you are ready to get started on how to dry nasturtium seeds and store for next year, let’s go!

How do you store nasturtium seeds?

Store nasturtium seeds in a cool, dark place with low humidity. Keep them in a breathable material such as a paper bag or envelope until you’re ready to plant them.

Nasturtium Seed Envelopes Handwritten and Folded Like Origami Cups on Granite Table
Nasturtium Seed Envelopes Handwritten and Folded Like Origami Cups on Granite Table

How long can you store nasturtium seeds?

You can store nasturtium seeds for as long as you’d like, but when it pertains to viability, anticipate saving them for several years. Germination rates are better for younger seeds, but some nasturtium seeds may still sprout even if they’re 3 to 5 years old, or possibly older.

Storing nasturtium seeds well helps to improve the chances of seed longevity and successful germination. Be sure to follow the tips on how to save nasturtium seeds for future planting.

Nasturtium Seed Saving after Harvest

After harvesting nasturtium seeds from your garden, make sure you let them dry so you can store them properly. This prevents mold and gives seeds the best chance of successful germination in the future.

Be sure to check for signs of pre-germination, such as a swollen seed or bulging areas where the root may be ready to erupt.

If you aren’t sure, you can always leave these in the garden in case they grow, or throw them in the feeder for the birds!

How to Dry Nasturtium Seeds

Drying nasturtium seeds is easier than you might expect! The simplest plan is to air dry the seeds and save them in a paper bag or envelope.

  1. Set the nasturtium seeds out to dry on a paper plate, paper towel, cardboard lid, or other dry material. Leave them to dry for a few weeks, give or take.
  2. Check every few days to turn them over so they dry completely. (They may be fine if you forget this step, so don’t worry!)
  3. Watch for the color change. Once seeds are brown or tan, they are likely dry and considered ripe.
  4. Check the seeds for firmness. Dried nasturtium seeds should be hard!
    • Your nasturtium seeds will likely be hard, brown, and ready to store after a couple of weeks.
  5. Store nasturtium seeds in a paper bag, envelope, or small cardboard container. Allow the seeds to dry even longer before you attempt using plastic bags or jars for nasturtium seed storage.
Bright Red Nasturtium Flower in the Garden, 2021
Bright Red Nasturtium Flower in the Garden, 2021

Ideas for Nasturtium Seed Storage                                                       

Once you’ve saved the seeds and dried them, it’s time to decide how to store nasturtium seeds. Saving nasturtium seeds requires you to provide a dry, dark place to store the seeds.

  • Fresh-picked Seeds: Store nasturtium seeds on a paper plate or piece of cardboard until they’re fully dry. Set them out of the way in a room you don’t use much.
  • Newly Dried Seeds: Store dried nasturtium seeds you’ve collected recently in a paper or cardboard container such as:
    • Paper bags
    • Prescription bags
    • Envelopes
  • Very Dry Seeds: Store nasturtium seeds that have dried fairly long ago in any seed storage containers that you wish.

Tips: How to Save Nasturtium Seeds Until Next Year

Furthermore, consider these tips to ensure safe nasturtium seed storage until next year.


  • Collect nasturtium seeds on a dry, sunny day.
  • Inspect seeds for signs of germination. Only save seeds that haven’t started sprouting.


  • Dry the seeds indoors, as outlined above, in a dry location that is out of the way.
  • Turn them once in a while to promote drying on all sides.


  • Initially store seeds in breathable paper or cardboard containers that allow air flow.
  • Once seeds are 100% fully dry, you may consider other seed storage options.
  • If sharing nasturtium seeds with others, include bubble wrap in packaging to prevent damage to the seeds.
How to Save Nasturtium Seeds - Brown Seeds that Look Like Brains on a Granite Table
How to Save Nasturtium Seeds – Brown Seeds that Look Like Brains on a Granite Table

Nasturtium Seed Storage Ideas

  • Envelopes – Consider saving nasturtium seeds in recycled paper envelopes from the mail or paper seed envelopes.
  • Paper Bags – Try storing nasturtium seeds in paper lunch bags or prescription bags from the pharmacy.
  • Cardboard Boxes – Store nasturtium seeds in a small cardboard box or other breathable container.
  • Organza Bags – A little more upscale, organza drawstring bags also work for nasturtium seed storage once the seeds are totally dry.

TIP: Don’t forget to label your nasturtium seeds, no matter how you save them.

Of course, if you’ve grown different varieties of nasturtium nearby, keep in mind you might find some fun surprises when growing your saved seeds next year!

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How to Save Nasturtium Seeds

Now that you know how to save nasturtium seeds, dry them, and store them for next year, go check your garden! It’s easy to find these large seeds on the plant or on the ground below it.

Saving, drying, and storing nasturtium seeds is relatively easy compared to other gardening seeds out there.

Consider getting the kids involved to help with this fun and easy activity!

Are you growing these and looking to discover how to save nasturtium seeds for next year? Do you have more tips you can share?

Feel free to post in the comments with any tips, questions, or fun stories about nasturtiums! We’d love to hear from you.

Happy Gardening!

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