Harvesting Nasturtium Seeds Kate @ Bunny's Garden

Discover How to Save Seeds from Your Nasturtiums for Next Year!

Seed Saving is so much fun! You never know what surprises you'll find in the garden next time you plant something!

Nasturtiums bring a lot of benefits to the garden. This is a great plant to grow EVERY year!!

Nasturtiums you grow in your garden will likely produce seeds! It's so easy to find and collect them for next growing season.

Here's What  You Need

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Bring a Paper Bag or Envelope and a Permanent Marker. Saving Seeds Really IS that Simple!

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These Seeds Are SO Easy to Collect!

Your Kids can even get involved saving nasturtium seeds from your favorite plants!

First things first: Choose a Dry Day!

Sunny is best!

Avoid saving seeds on rainy days if possible. This helps to avoid mold and pre-germination.

Search for the Nasturtium Seeds!

DRY & BROWN and on the ground - OR - LIGHT GREEN and still attached!

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Gently hold the seeds between your finger and thumb, and Twist!


Pick up the brown or green seeds from the ground!  Check for germination first in case they already started growing. :)

Only Seconds to Collect These Seeds! Free Flowers  Next Year! Sweet Surprises to See What Grows! Calming Hobby / Therapeutic Activity

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Easily Save Nasturtium Seeds!