Head Planters – Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Face Planters

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Gardening trends are always fun to watch and see what becomes popular next. Head planters keep coming back every spring for the past few years, so I decided to put together a fun post about these interesting flower pots.

Most head planters I’ve seen in stores like Ross or the like are made of stone, cement, pottery, or similar.

Ceramic head planters with succulents inside
Ceramic planters shaped like men’s heads at Wendy’s Flowers in Gilbertsville, PA

I think that’s part of the charm! Heavy duty gray concrete head planters allow the blooming flowers to provide the pops of color!

Here’s a quick roundup of interesting head planter flower pot styles I’ve seen and where I’ve found them. I also provide some ideas for what plants to try for this planter style.

Hope this post helps you to create fun bust planters or head style flower pots to display in your favorite indoor and outdoor spaces!

Where to Find and Buy Head Planters

So far, I’ve always found the head planter pots when I wasn’t looking for them. The first time I remember seeing a goddess style head flower pot was at Ross Dress for Less here in Pennsylvania, either Limerick or Pottstown.

Seashell goddess bust planter for sale at Ross in 2023
Loving this sea goddess bust planter with shell headdress way more now than when I saw it at the store and seriously wishing I’d bought it!

I am really kicking myself for not buying the seashell goddess head planter at the time. I had no need for it and the style hadn’t clicked for me yet, but now I am having some serious regret. (:

Since then, I’ve noticed these head and bust planters popping up at plenty of other gardening sections as well.

Locally, you can find some cute mini head planters at Wendy’s Flowers in Gilbertsville.

Definitely check Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Home Goods, and Ollies as well. Stock changes with the tides, so it’s sure to be a treasure hunt every time!

Garden sculptures and a head planter pot for sale at Ross
Garden sculptures and a head planter pot for sale at Ross

I also found these fun fellows at Giant Supermarket in PA.

Small person head planters with air plants inside
Small person head planters with air plants inside, spotted at Giant grocery store in PA

Although it looks like ornamental grass, the air plants make the perfect hairstyle!

How to Arrange Head Planters

Growing flowers in head-shaped flower pots is a pretty fun and cheeky way to spin your gardening.

Spice up your décor with different foliage and flower textures as a nod to the hair you can create on the planter head.

Consider these tips to create cool planter heads inside or outside your home.

  1. Envision the plants as hair. Create different looks based on the leaf and flower composition!
  2. Create the look of curls with plants that embody a bit of bounce! String of Pearls is a great choice for a curly look.
  3. Make waves with leafy plants. Pothos adds cascading beauty with a bit of dimension.
  4. Create the look of volume with more sprawling plants. Spider plants spread out beautifully like hair in children’s drawings.
  5. Consider texture when choosing plants. Some plants feature fuzzy foliage, so consider those as possible plants for head planters, too!
  6. Arrange multiple flower pot heads for effect. Use different flower pot heads and different plants to create unique personalities around your garden.

Face Planter Plants

Wondering about the best plants for face planters? Keep in mind the vibe you want to achieve with the look and feel of the plants.

Do you want the plants to cascade down around the head planter? Maybe you wish for the plants to create the look of spiky hair?

It’s all possible with the right plants!

Plants that Resemble Hair

Here are some suggestions for plants that resemble hair, great for growing in face planters:

  • String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) – This trailing succulent features small, round leaves that grow on thin, wiry stems. The string of pearls plant’s stems can hang down and dangle like hair, creating a unique and interesting display.

    String of Pearls plant for sale at a produce stand in PA - the plant looks like a string of green peas!
  • Asparagus Fern (Asparagus setaceus) – The frilly, feathery foliage of the asparagus fern can resemble hair when grown long and allowed to drape over the sides of a container. This gives the face planters a wild and free-spirited look with “hair” you may want to run your fingers across!
  • Bunny Tails / Hare’s-Tail Grass (Lagurus ovatus) – The white tufts of the hare’s tail grass create a unique hairstyle look for the head planters. Hare’s-tail grass is a small ornamental grass that produces soft, fluffy seed heads that resemble hair. These seed heads can be white, pink, or beige and create a whimsical, playful look.

When using any plants to mimic hair, it’s important to keep in mind the growing conditions each plant requires to thrive, such as light, water, and soil preferences.

Cool Plants for Indoor Head Planters

Some houseplants would work pretty well as fake hair for head planters. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Pothos – The trailing nature of pothos makes it a great choice to resemble hair on a face or head planter. The leaves create dimension and offer a wavy look that brings style and grace.
  • Pilea – Different varieties of pilea, such as Tiny Tears or Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides) feature attractive round leaves that would look great on a flower pot head.
  • Fittonia – Slightly similar in looks to coleus or caladium, Fittonia, also known as Nerve Plant, is an evergreen perennial to consider. Boasting a clumping habit, this plant gives neat dimension to the illusion of plants as hair for planters.
  • Peperomia – The trailing habit of certain types of Peperomia would lend itself nicely to a face or head flower pot. Consider different unique leaf shapes that would accentuate the pot’s facial features.
  • Succulents – A variety of almost any succulents would create a fun and unique vibe for bust planters and similar pots with personality. Consider Sempervivum, Echeveria, and Jade plants as a few options.
Head planter with succulents, photographed at Wendy's Flowers in Gilbertsville
Head planter with succulents, photographed at Wendy’s Flowers in Gilbertsville

Best Plants for Outdoor Head Planters

Likewise, you can also find cool plants for outdoor face planters. Here are some to consider:

  • Celosia – The velvety texture of celosia makes it a natural option for creating the look of hair bursting out of a face planter. The flame-like celosia blooms add a brilliant pop of color and textured dimension to your head pots.
  • Cockscomb – Also known as Celosia cristata, this flower looks much like a brain. Depending on the size and positioning, these brain flowers would look awesome coming out of a head or skull planter!

    Celosia Cockscomb Magenta flower looks like a brain!
  • Ferns – For an earthy vibe, consider planting ferns in your head planters. Their fringed leaves would give carefree aesthetics to the personality of your planter.
  • Ivy – Majestic, regal ivy graces the face of your head planter with stately beauty. Comfortable and robust as an outdoor plant, you can find different types of ivy that may work well.
  • Petunias – As common annuals, petunias would make a fine choice for an outdoor head planter. They grow well in pots and come in many colors and styles.
  • Ornamental Grass – Decorative grasses may give just the right look and feel to your face planter. Consider purple grass or others that offer a unique feature. Check the expected height of the ornamental grass to make sure it works for your planter size.
  • Succulents – Just like indoors, you can create a fun planter full of succulents to represent the hair of your face planter. Sedum would make an awesome choice as mine survives over the winter and thrives each new season.

What to Put in Head Planters

These are just a few ideas for what to grow in head planters or face / bust planters. Find a plant that creates a fun look and feel for your indoor or outdoor space.

The possibilities truly are endless!

In fact, if you have other suggestions, please hit us up in the comments! We would love to hear what you are growing in your head planter this year.

Happy Gardening!

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