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Genuine Non GMO Seed Companies List (Because, Monsanto)

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Knowing where your food comes from helps you to live a healthier life! Buying food from stores doesn’t always afford this luxury. However, gardening does! Choose quality, safe seeds to grow food for your family. Here’s a list of Non GMO Seed Companies to consider!

For most gardeners, the word “Monsanto” brings a shudder. As if promoting genetically modified organisms (GMOs) weren’t enough, the company also uses dangerous pesticides and causes hardships for small farmers. I’m sure the list goes on, but I choose instead to look for solutions instead of complaining about problems. It’s what I tell my kids all the time!

So let’s cut to the chase – the best Non GMO Seed Companies I can find on the Internet. (I will continue to update this article, so please reach out to me if you are a non GMO / organic seed company or have more to add!)

Mixed bean seeds in a gray muffin tin

List of Non GMO Seed Companies

Sustainable Seed Company

  • Located in South Salt Lake, Utah, USA
  • Non-GMO seeds, heirloom, organic
  • More than 850 varieties of seeds – Garden, Herb, & Flowers
  • Free Shipping over $45
  • Satisfaction guaranteed 30 days from purchase
  • https://sustainableseedco.com/

The Green Witch Seed Company

  • Located in Edmonton, Canada
  • Non-GMO seed varieties – Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers & Herbs
  • They produce all of their own seeds!
  • https://greenwitchseed.ca/

More Non-GMO Seeds:

Some other seed providers safe from GMO as recommended by Jen Stark of Happy DIY Home include:


“There is a lot of controversy surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMOs),” says Jen Stark, founder of Happy DIY Home. “These GMOs are genetically spliced seeds that ensure desired characteristics like disease resistance. When you choose Certified Organic garden seeds ideally from companies that have signed the Safe Seed Pledge, you’ll be avoiding genetically modified organisms.”

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01.19.23 – Updated to add quotes about non-GMO seeds.

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