What to Plant in September in Zone 6b | Gardening in September

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Holding onto the last weeks of the growing season leaves many of us gardeners wondering what to plant in September. Here in Pennsylvania zone 6b, I’m already thinking about trying row covers to extend our growing season through winter.

In the meantime, though, I’m all about gardening in September. I’m excited to plant a few more things that we can enjoy before the first frost arrives.

From vegetables and herbs to fruits and flowers, consider these ideas for what to plant in September in zone 6 and beyond.

What Can You Plant in September?

If you, like me, are wondering, “What can I plant in September?” – get ready for quite a few suggestions!

Even though the growing season may soon draw to a close, you can still enjoy a lot of gardening in the meantime.

What Vegetables to Plant in September

September may feel a bit late to plant vegetables, but you can extend your growing season with row covers or fabric that covers the plants and provides insulation.

Try these vegetables as a few great options for what to plant in September!

  • Broccoli
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Beets
  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale
  • Greens
    • Arugula
    • Lettuce
    • Mustard Greens
    • Spinach
  • Scallions
  • Radishes
  • Turnips

Depending on what your growing season happens to be, you may be fine planting seeds or you may be better off buying starts from a nursery.

Leaf Lettuce in Yellow Colander on Wooden Deck - What to plant in September

Keep in mind that you’ll likely need to cover your plants to add a layer of freeze protection. Row covers will also help protect your brassicas from the dreaded cabbage white moth!

Planting Herbs in the Fall

Some herbs grow rather quickly while others may take a little extra time to become established.

Consider growing some culinary herbs that you can bring indoors for the winter to your very own kitchen herb garden!

Choose some cute pots that will fit on your kitchen windowsill or counter under some lights.

Decide which herbs you use the most and plant some of each. Some favorites to consider may include:

  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Thyme

Planting these herbs outside in September gives them a great head start. Get them growing before you transition them to an indoor herb garden!

Sweet Basil - What to grow in September

What Flowers to Plant in September

Planting in September means you are keeping the weather in the forefront of your mind. Many things that you plant may only thrive and/or survive for the remaining weeks until the big frost.

Consider these flowers you can plant in September:

  • Mums – Fall flowers like mums (chrysanthemums) can be a fantastic choice to add a pop of color to your fall garden. A wide color palette gives you many choices to dress up your existing flower beds or doorstep.
  • Celosia – If you can get your hands on some potted celosia (cockscomb / woolflower), this plant makes a lovely choice for fall interest. It adds a unique dimension to the garden or any indoor arrangements you choose to make.
  • Black-Eyed Susan – These golden-hued flowers work well as cut flowers or gracing your gardens. Pair them with your existing zinnias and sunflowers for an impressive visual experience.
  • Pansies – Delicate yet bold, pansies come in many colors and add mounding beauty to your gardens. In some climates, pansies may also come back or reseed themselves, offering springtime surprises.

September Gardening Tips

Gardening in September is the stuff dreams are made of! In many cases, some veggies and flowers are just finally getting up to full production.

Arugula Seedlings - What to Plant in September

Some veggies and herbs may already have gone to seed while your newer succession plantings may just be ramping up.

Here are some important tasks to consider for September gardening:

  • Deadhead Flowers – Keep your favorite plants blooming all the way until frost! Deadheading flowers will help signal the plant to keep producing blooms.
  • Allow Some to Go to Seed – While continuous blooms are amazing, allow some of your favorites to dry on the plant as the growing season gets closer to the end. This lets the seeds mature so they will be viable for planting next season.
  • Collect Seeds – Check your gardens and raised beds to see if any of the mature seeds are ready for harvesting.
  • Tidy up the Gardens – Remove any spent plants and weeds as needed. Leave alone any that are working on seeds for your next season of growth.
  • Compost – Take some time to get better at composting. Start saving leaves now! Your gardens will be so much better for it next year.

By the way, if you’re reading this a little late in September, you can also hop over to our next post, What to Plant in October! Keep your gardening season going!

If you liked this article, keep in mind that I’ve also posted similar articles for other months of the year for growing things.

Do you have any questions or any flowers, fruit, veggies, or herbs to add to your September planting list?

Please share any and all in our comments below!

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