Stacked Pumpkins & Other Gorgeous Fall Porch Décor

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Decorating the front doorstep for fall is so satisfying! And stacked pumpkins are my favorite fall style. It’s a lot of fun finding a cool variety of flat stacker pumpkins to use, with a mix of colors, sizes, styles, and textures!

Stacking pumpkins looked gorgeous on our doorstep – an idea that came as inspiration from a friend. Here’s her original stack of pumpkins from Renninger’s Farm market back before the pandemic.

Decorative Pumpkins in a Stack on Front Step

In 2021, we went all out, buying stacker pumpkins from a local pumpkin stand. The farm stand had all kinds of gourds and pumpkins of all sizes and colors. My ultimate goal centered on finding a set of stacking pumpkins.

I found several cool combinations of flat pumpkins that stacked beautifully on our doorstep and indoors on our fireplace.

Choosing pumpkins from a farm stand was a lot of fun. We did it again this year and went to Windy Springs Farm’s roadside stand.

Stacked pumpkins on cart at roadside stand
Stacked pumpkins on cart at Windy Springs Farm roadside stand in Quakertown PA Fall 2022

They had SO MANY pumpkins. It took even longer to come up with a set of pumpkins to stack because I kept going back and forth between different color combinations.

So many oranges, whites, greens, pinks, and tie-dye looks!

Finally, I landed on two stacks and also got the girls mini pumpkins they wanted.

They told me they were “dog” and “cat” and they both needed both, so we came home with 4 mini pumpkins!

Silly girls! (They still haven’t decorated them!)

Here’s the pumpkin tower we put at our doorstep.

Four stacked pumpkins in red orange pink green white and yellow orange stripes
I loved how this stack came out and decided to keep my flowers cascading around it. 🙂 2022 fall doorstep

Where to Find Stacked Pumpkins

If you want to buy stackable pumpkins, here are the best options I’ve found so far.

  1. Facebook Marketplace
  2. Recommendations in local Facebook moms groups or neighborhood groups / yard sale groups
  3. Simply stopping by roadside farm stands

You can find flat stacker pumpkins at your favorite pick-your-own places, too, most of the time. However, these might be quite a bit more expensive.

Lovely pumpkin setting at Frecon Farms in Boyertown with my two daughters happy to snap a pic
Lovely pumpkin setting at Frecon Farms in Boyertown with my two daughters happy to snap a pic (Oct. 2022)

You can also find faux stacked pumpkins at home décor stores like Home Goods or Marshall’s. Amazon even has a few finds!

(Be sure to check the size dimensions to make sure the fake stacked pumpkins are what you need.)

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In 2021, we bought our stacker pumpkins from a lady in Boyertown who had gotten them from Lancaster, I believe.

In 2022 at Windy Springs Farm in Quakertown on Rt. 663, I bought 7 stacking pumpkins and 6 mini pumpkins (our friend’s son got 2 as well) and my bill came to $44 and change. It was a little more than I thought I would spend, but we got a lot of really nice pumpkins!

Cart of Flat Stacker Pumpkins we picked out at Windy Springs Farm Quakertown PA Roadside Stand
Cart of Flat Stacker Pumpkins we picked out at Windy Springs Farm Quakertown PA Roadside Stand
I think the most expensive ones were $6.50 and some were as low as $3.50 or $4.50.

(And I plan to save pumpkin seeds in case we can grow some next season!)

How to Stack Pumpkins for Fall Door Décor

Try these simple steps to create a fall pumpkin stack:

  1. Choose a variety of flat stacking pumpkins with character, mix of colors, etc. Look for those with minimal stem bits sticking out.

    Lots of flat, colorful pumpkins at Windy Springs farm stand
  2. Place the largest flat pumpkin on the ground.
  3. Set the next one on top, using care to choose a different color.
  4. Add at least one more pumpkin to the stack for a trio, or more as you see fit.
  5. Consider adding a small or tiny pumpkin for the top.

You can create pumpkin stacks in sets of 2, 3, 4, or even 5. You may also wish to accentuate other gourds or squashes amid your décor.

Straw or hay bales, cornstalks, and dry sunflower heads can also be great for autumn decorating.

Decorative Pumpkin Arrangement outdoors
We saw these on a walk through Boyertown, PA a few years ago… You can also make heaps or piles of pumpkins and decor!

Creating a Pumpkin Stack – Tips

We loved creating a set of stacked pumpkins for our fall doorstep. Here’s what I focused on when creating a set of stacking pumpkins:

  • Flatness – Choose the flat pumpkins for stacking. The flatter the better! You can stack 4 or 5 high if they are the right flatness.
  • Size – Make sure you find a variety of different flat stacker pumpkins to achieve this fun look!
  • Color – Coordinate coloring within the pumpkin stack that you create. You may want to have a white pumpkin, a green one, a dark red orange one, and either a yellow and orange stripe or some kind of tie-dye pumpkin.
  • Stem – Avoid choosing pumpkins with large or very raised stems. A bulky stem can thwart your pumpkin stacking prowess!
Pumpkin trio on our garden wall - love these pretty colors!
Pumpkin trio on our garden wall – love these pretty colors with the mums in the background!

We love how long our fall door décor lasts, but even more, we really enjoy putting together a few sets of stacked pumpkins for outdoor decorating!

We set one stack by the front door and the other on the edge of our garden wall.

By the way, if you do create your own stack of pumpkins, make sure to save seeds after the season concludes. You can easily harvest pumpkin seeds for planting and store them until next year.

Of course, I love this pumpkin just so much!

Daughter sitting on a big pumpkin at a roadside stand
My youngest daughter sitting on a big pumpkin at a roadside stand in 2022 at age 6 — She cracks me up with the pants. Where is my pause button?!

Do you have any awesome tips on creating a tower of stacked pumpkins or any questions you want to ask?

Let’s chat in the comments below! Happy Gardening!

09.20.22 – Edited to refocus on stacking pumpkins and stackable pumpkins. Resized images to full.

10.17.22 – Updated to move content from decorative pumpkins to here. Made one pic full size and improved spacing. Added tips on creating a pumpkin stack.

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