Propagating Snapdragons | How to Propagate Snapdragons from Cuttings

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Wouldn’t it be nice to double your blooms every time you grow antirrhinum? Knowing how to propagate snapdragons from cuttings or pieces you’ve pinched off the plant truly works to your advantage. Oh, and propagating snapdragons is a snap!

As you may know, we have a major groundhog problem in the garden here. Bunnies, too. From time to time, I may find broken pieces of plant dangling in my garden.

(sad face)

The other day, I found my poor Chantilly Bronze Snapdragons had been demoed by one of the culprits.

Absolutely chomped to pieces!

Thinking on my toes, I remembered that I successfully rooted cosmos from cuttings, as well as coleus and zinnias.

I’d heard you can propagate snapdragons from cuttings, too!

Picking up a few pieces of the half-eaten snapdragons, I got to work!

My little garden experiment turned into a success in a short number of days. I’m excited to share the method I used so you can also learn how to propagate snapdragon plants from cuttings in your garden.

Propagating Snapdragons in a Water Tube for Bouquets - Roots already formed in one week!
Propagating Snapdragons in a Water Tube we usually use for Bouquets – Roots already formed in one week!

How do snapdragons propagate?

Snapdragons propagate in three main ways. First, you can try propagating snapdragons from stem cuttings in soil or water. Also, you can propagate snapdragons by root division and transplanting, or by planting seeds. Remember that plants grown from cuttings and roots will be clones of the parent.

New snapdragons grown from seed run the chance of being cross-pollinated with a different type of snapdragon and may not be true to the parent type.

If you plan to propagate new plants from seed, be sure to collect snapdragon seeds from your own gardens!

How long does it take roots to form when propagating snapdragon cuttings?

Sometimes the process is so quick, you can see roots forming on snapdragon cuttings in as little as a week! You can root snapdragons in water or in moist soil. Both methods are likely to yield results in short order.

How to Propagate Snapdragons from Cuttings

Propagating snapdragons from cuttings is easy and takes only a few moments of your time. The results occur in about a week’s time, allowing you to double your snapdragon blooms swiftly and efficiently!

As I was learning how to propagate snapdragons, I tried two methods. First, I tried propagating snapdragons in water. Next, I started a cutting in damp soil.

Both cuttings grew roots! Both methods proved successful!

I’ll share both my snapdragon propagation methods with you and you can choose whichever sounds best for you.

Propagating Snapdragon Cuttings in Water

Propagating snapdragons in water is probably the quickest and easiest method of snapdragon propagation. At least in my experience!

Propagating Snapdragon Cuttings in Water Tube - Rooted already with small white roots!
Propagating Snapdragon Cuttings in Water Tube – Rooted already with small white roots!

Follow these simple steps to learn how to propagate snapdragons from stem cuttings or after pinching snapdragons.

  1. Take a piece of snapdragon stem or make a cutting by snipping a length of several inches, cutting above a leaf node.
  2. Remove any active blossoms to allow the cutting to focus energy on forming roots.
  3. Place the cutting in water, such as a glass jar or a small vial of water meant for bouquets.
  4. Place the jar or vial in a sunny spot like a window that receives indirect sunlight.
  5. Check daily to replenish the water level as needed. Don’t forget to look for roots!

Propagating Snapdragons in Soil

In addition, it’s rather easy to propagate snapdragons in soil. With this method, you won’t need to transition the rooted cutting from water to soil.

Small white roots already formed on Snapdragon Cutting rooted in soil
Small white roots already formed on a Snapdragon Cutting rooted in soil – in less than one week’s time!

To propagate snapdragons in soil, follow these steps:

  1. Fill a small starter pot with potting soil and add water until the soil is damp.
  2. Take a cutting of a snapdragon or prepare a piece of stem for propagation.
  3. Dip the bottom side of the cutting in a rooting hormone such as Clonex, if desired. (I did.)
  4. Poke a hole in the center of the soil.
  5. Gently insert the snapdragon cutting into the hole.
  6. Fill the soil back to the base of the cutting and tamp down a bit.
  7. Give a tiny spritz of water if needed.
  8. Place in indirect sunlight and monitor for moisture daily.
  9. Check for roots in about a week!
Propagating Snapdragon in Soil in Little Nursery Pot
Propagating Snapdragon in Soil in Little Nursery Pot

Final Thoughts: Propagating Snapdragons

It’s amazing to see Mother Nature at work when propagating snapdragons and other flowers. I can’t believe how quick and easy it was to literally double my plants in a matter of days!

I am SO doing this next spring!

Truly, I was impressed with the success rate in my very small sample size when trying to propagate snapdragons in water and in soil.

I highly recommend this gardening project for gardeners of all ages.

Do you grow snapdragons? Feel free to share your best tips or fun stories here in the comments. If you have questions or need help with something, definitely give us a shout in the comments, too!

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Wonderful reminder! I’ve always been taught to cut just below the node as the plant will convert the leaf node into a root node. Off to try it this afternoon.

    1. Hi Jeff, thanks so much for taking the time to drop a line – nice hearing from you! Hope you are able to double your snapdragons. 🙂 Also, thanks for the reminder on where to cut – very good point as I’ve heard that a few times now myself. If you think of it, let us know how you get on with yours! Happy Gardening!

  2. I tried the water method and have just noticed roots today! I can’t believe it – I am no gardener so I am thrilled

    At what point should I transfer the cutting into a small pot with soul? And should I keep it inside or out?

    1. Hi Holly, how exciting! I am so glad your snapdragons rooted in water so easily for you. 🙂 I would wait until the roots are close to an inch long personally, and also make sure there’s numerous roots growing. When you do, I would add some soil to the water first to avoid shock, although you could move to damp soil and just expect a little possible shock if so. You will want to harden them off before transplanting outside – which means, get them used to the stronger sun and outdoor temperatures. I would bring them out in shade first and gradually allow a half hour of sun, then an hour, then 2 hours, etc. for a week or so before moving them permanently outside. Let me know if you have any questions! I am so excited this went so easily for you thus far. 🙂 Best of luck!

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