46 Amazing Things to Make from Your Garden: Garden Remedies

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Have you tried making any garden remedies lately? Look around your garden and you can find home remedies for so many ailments!

Different kinds of plants, flowers, and herbs can offer a natural medicine experience for things like toothaches, anxiety and relaxation, immune system support, and so much more.

Medicinal herbs bring tales of helpful garden remedies for long lists of common complaints.

In many cases, these herbal treatments are not tested and not FDA approved. As with any supplement, medicine, or treatment, your mileage may vary. Consider getting your doctor’s take on any true medicinal uses of herbs, plants, or flowers.

Botanicals make lovely ingredients for skincare and beauty products as well. These beauty remedies are sure to be just as lovely to use as they are to make.

Things to Make from Your Garden

Enjoy browsing through this list of garden remedies for health, beauty, skincare, and more.

Great Garden Remedies

Enjoy the rewarding feeling of creating something wonderful from your garden with your own hands!

Try making some of these DIY garden remedies for beauty, health, and happiness.

Handcrafted Beauty and Health Products

Many people look at a garden for the food it can grow. Every plant brings a flavor all its own. You can find many colors of the rainbow in the garden as well.

As gardeners spend more time learning their craft, many will keep adding new skills. It’s certainly fun to branch out and start making DIY concoctions for skincare and beauty needs or health ailments.

From our indoor plants, we’ve snipped a small piece of aloe plant to use as burn relief when cooking or using a hot glue gun. This is surely just the beginning. We are looking forward to many more wonderful homemade beauty potions and products.

Final Thoughts: DIY Garden Remedies

When you have a garden, the possibilities of what you can grow and create are truly infinite! Meals and recipes are just the beginning.

Just imagine all the homemade beauty products and remedies you can make at home.

Growing medicinal herbs, flowers, and healthful fruits and vegetables can be so rewarding for the entire family.

This year is our first time growing calendula! We are so excited to see the beautiful blooms but also to come up with some DIY beauty and skincare products to try.

What non-food item are you most looking forward to creating from your garden this year? Let’s chat in the comments below.

By the way – you may also enjoy our remedies for squirrels, groundhogs, and other garden pests.

06.28.22 – Updated to add links to gardening fixes.

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