Propagating Nasturtiums from Cuttings or Broken Stems

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Sometimes plants break. Other times we just love them so much, we want more. Whatever the case, propagating nasturtiums from cuttings is so easy that you can try it just as a matter of principle!

We love garden experiments here at Bunny’s Garden! One day I found a piece of broken nasturtium just lying in the garden next to my plant. I bet it was damage from an animal, but I decided to do my best to save the plant!

The mama nasturtium was fine, so this time I brought the broken piece of nasturtium inside from the hot sun.

I’m going to tell you all about our experience in propagating nasturtiums from a broken stem piece!

Propagating Nasturtiums from cuttings and broken stems - nasturtium in a pot
Propagating Nasturtiums from cuttings and broken stems – nasturtium in a pot

Can you propagate nasturtium?

Yes, it is possible—and easy—to propagate nasturtium! You can propagate this beloved garden plant from stem cuttings or simply by growing nasturtium seeds. The process is quick and requires little effort to complete.

Can you take cuttings from nasturtium?

Yes, you can take cuttings from nasturtium in order to propagate your plants. Simply find a piece of the plant that looks healthy and seems to be growing well. Snip the stem so it is about 5 inches long or so.

Even broken pieces of nasturtium plants can be used as cuttings if you find an animal has devastated your nasturtium and left behind the wreckage.

Growing Nasturtiums from Cuttings

When you find a broken piece of plant that you like, it takes very little effort to stick it in some soil and see if it grows. It is SO worth it and SO rewarding when it works!

I’m going to break down the process of propagating nasturtiums from cuttings to be as simple as possible for you!

Broken piece of nasturtium plant lying on counter top
Broken piece of nasturtium plant lying on counter top

How to Propagate Nasturtiums from Cuttings

Just follow these simple steps! It should take you five minutes or less…

  1. Take a cutting or grab a broken piece of nasturtium that’s a result of animal or storm damage.
  2. Place a piece of coffee filter in the bottom of a nursery pot to keep the soil from spilling out.
  3. Fill the little nursery pot with potting soil.
  4. Moisten the soil thoroughly with water. It shouldn’t be soaked, but damp is a good indicator for best chance of success.
  5. Gently poke a hole in the center of the soil.
  6. Dip the stem in rooting hormone if you like, or simply stick it into the soil where you made the hole. 
  7. Cover the stem back up with soil.
  8. Place the nasturtium cutting in a sunny window or under grow lights if available.
  9. Check daily for moisture needs and signs of growth.

Within about a week or so, you should see signs of growth such as tiny roots growing into the soil or new leaves growing from the central stem.

Propagating nasturtiums from a broken plant or stem cuttings is so easy and I highly recommend it! Kids will especially love this quick and easy gardening experiment!

Are you about to try propagating nasturtiums? Hit us up in the comments so we can follow along for the excitement of your journey!

Happy Gardening!

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