Lowes Spring Fest Promotional Garden Event

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The sun is shining and spring’s here – don’t forget to mark your calendar for the April garden event of the year – Lowe’s Spring Fest! Last year, many gardeners and homeowners were able to score one of the Lowe’s Garden to Go goodie packs. Finally, I have the scoop on the Lowe’s Spring Fest 2022 offerings!

Back in 2021, Lowes gave away such wonderful garden goodies as the blue five-gallon bucket, potting soil, a veggie plant, fertilizer, and more! (At least from what I saw on my Instagram gardening feed.)

By the time we remembered about the Lowe’s garden promotion in 2021, it was already past the signup deadline so we missed that big offer.

We did receive a small wildflower seed piñata one week, though!

Lowes SpringFest 2021 Blue Wildflower Piñata Giveaway
Lowes SpringFest 2021 Blue Wildflower Piñata Giveaway

(There are some abandoned buildings in our area where I’d really like to give this seed piñata a good whack!)

For the 2021 Lowe’s Spring Fest, I believe they also gave away some kind of birdhouse craft and a sapling closer to Earth Day.

In previous years, we received a digital gift card good for $5 or $10 off our purchase at Lowes. We spent all of our money in the garden center!

At any rate, I am posting now to remind you to set yourself a reminder on your phone for the 2022 Lowes Spring Fest in April! (I’ve just confirmed the details on this year’s spring promotions.)

This is one gardening giveaway you surely don’t want to miss!

What Is Lowe’s Spring Fest?

Lowe’s Spring Fest is a fun giveaway event hosted by Lowes home improvement store each year in April. Garden enthusiasts can enjoy getting gardening freebies from Lowe’s by signing up in advance on the event’s webpage.

What Other April Garden Events Are There?

April marks the approach of outdoor gardening season in our area! Keep your eyes peeled for other wonderful April garden events in your local area.

Look on Facebook’s events search for unique gardening themed activities and events you can attend, such as DIY workshops, educational programs, outdoor activities, and even girls’ night out events such as a succulent class or other fun attraction.

Lowes Spring Fest 2022

Finally, the news we’ve all been waiting for – what is Lowe’s doing for Spring Fest 2022?!

I’ve discovered the full story from the marketing and PR team at Lowe’s and I’m glad to finally be able to share it with you!

The warm weather finally came and the start of spring couldn’t be more exciting. A session full of promises and exciting surprises awaits in our gardens and beyond. 

The theme of this year’s Spring Fest is to: “seed spring.”

The focus is on:

  • Enhanced in-store experiences and workshops (check out Lowes.com/DIYU)
  • Bringing more plants into the world as Earth Day approaches
Lowe's Spring Fest Garden Center - Image Courtesy of Lowe's
Lowe’s Spring Fest Garden Center – Image Courtesy of Lowe’s

Here’s what Lowe’s has in store for Spring Fest 2022…

Surprise Seeds at Select Stores

Lowes will have surprise seed giveaways at select stores on the first day of Spring, March 20, 2022.

#SeedSpring on Social

You can participate in the quest to bring up to one million plants into the world by posting a tulip emoji alongside #SeedSpring from your social media profile. For every person who posts, the company will plant new plants and flowers in Lowe’s own hometown of Charlotte, NC.

Lowes aims to add up to one million new plants to the world by gifting seeds and planting through the #seedspring initiative.

In-Store Deals & Promotions

Watch for homeowner deals on popular products when Lowes Spring Fest 2022 hits on April 7 for a month-long in-store and online event.

  • 30-minute in-store lawn and garden “walking tours” with red vest experts and deals on spring essentials
  • Starting Tuesday, 4/19, sign up for a time slot to enjoy SpringFESTIVAL Garden Tours, available three times per day every Tuesday and Thursday. (Register at Lowes.com/SpringFest.)
  • Additional savings, such as:
    • $100 Off Select EGO Mowers (valid 4/7-4/20)  
    • Special Buy Char-broil 5-Burner Gas Grill for $278 (valid 4/7-4/20)  
    • Special Buy Style Selections 4 Piece Conversation Set for $498 (valid 4/7-4/13)  
    • Save on Select Appliance Special Values + Free Basic Install via Rebate with purchase of select items of $599+ each & basic installation + Special Financing (valid 4/7-5/4, excludes RI and CT)  
  • Ideas for Inspirational Spring Upgrades to dazzle your home, inside and out:
    • Introduction of Lowe’s first modern home décor brand, Origin 21, for affordably stylish outdoor patios
    • Spotlight on amazing grilling, featuring the exclusive Pit Boss Pro Series pellet grills, Blackstone outdoor griddles, Ooni Outdoor Pizza Oven, and the collection of Weber Genesis grills
    • Unveiling of extensive selection of locally sourced plants and flowers at your local Lowes Garden Centers
    • Power equipment refresh with John Deere, Honda, EGO and Craftsman
Lowe's Outdoor Living Patio Deals for Spring Fest 2022 - Image courtesy of Lowe's
Lowe’s Outdoor Living Patio Deals for Spring Fest 2022 – Image courtesy of Lowe’s

Editor’s Note:

As of right now, it looks like your best bet for any gardening freebies is checking your local store on the first day of spring to see if you can score some seeds! We didn’t hear of any gardening kits to go or other goodie packs, but we’ll be sure to update this post RIGHT HERE if and when that happens!

Looking Forward to Lowe’s Spring Fest

Living in a location where plants can’t survive all year long, we are truly looking forward to the April Garden event for the spring giveaway at Lowe’s! The 2022 Spring Fest is different from the 2021 event, but we’re still excited to head over and check out what’s new.

Springtime is the best time! We love getting ready to plant and Lowe’s is one of our favorite places to shop for plants and garden necessities.

Lowe's Springfest April Garden Promotion
Lowe’s Springfest April Garden Promotion

So glad I’ve heard back from the Lowe’s PR team on Lowe’s SpringFest 2022. Of course, new promotions may also arise for the garden center. Stay tuned to this page as I will be sure to update the article regularly as new information becomes available.  If you have any tips or questions, please share them in the comments below.

You can also get more information about Lowe’s Spring Fest on the Lowes website.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I do know that Lowe’s also has free trees throughout Texas. If you hear anything, please let me known… Blessings unto you…

    1. Hi Irene,
      Thanks for stopping by and letting us know about the free trees in Texas at Lowes! We had not heard about this. Glad to have it on the radar. I will absolutely share any further findings on this with everyone. Blessings back at you. Happy Gardening!

    1. Hi Mary, thanks for your comment – I hope you have a great experience at your local Springfest! My best recommendation is to give your store a call and see if they’ve got any good promotions going for you. (I also always look at the Lowes Clearance Rack, too!)

      Happy Gardening!

  2. Im having a hard time registering for this Springfest Garden to go kits it keeps telling me to go to lowes.com and sign up and there’s nothing there that says where I sign up

    1. Hi Maryann, thanks for checking in! I was directly in touch with the PR gals at Lowe’s this year and they shared the details for the 2022 Springfest. I was admittedly disappointed to learn there wasn’t much of a giveaway this year as they are focused on planting flowers and plants for the environment and the giveaway this year was just random surprise seeds at select stores on the first day of Spring, March 20. As far as I am aware, there are unfortunately no garden to go kits for 2022. I was really looking forward to them, but hopefully they’ll do it again in the future! I promise I will update this post as soon as I hear anything new about future Lowe’s Spring Fest events. Hope you have a wonderful gardening season! – Kate

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