Are Snapdragons Perennials? (And What about Dead Snapdragons!?)

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With such beautiful burst of color, have you ever found yourself gazing at your favorite blooms and wondering, “Are snapdragons perennials”? Lovely flowers featuring such whimsical faces should live on forever, shouldn’t they?

So, are snapdragons perennials? Do snapdragons come back every year?

Let’s find out whether snapdragons are perennials, annuals, or something else entirely.

Are Snapdragons Perennials or Annuals? Pretty bronze snapdragons
Are Snapdragons Perennials or Annuals? Pretty bronze snapdragons

Are snapdragons perennials or annuals?

Most snapdragons are actually considered tender perennials. Hardy in zones 7 to 11, snapdragons are deemed short-lived perennials, meaning they often live around 3 years. Most gardeners in cooler zones tend to treat snapdragons as annuals, though, as they usually do not survive the winters.

Do snapdragons come back every year?

In zones 7 to 11, snapdragons often do come back every year during their lifespan as short-lived perennials. With adequate winter care and insulation from the cold, some snapdragons may survive the cold to bloom another season even in zones 5 and 6. You can also try wintering over your favorite snapdragons indoors if you live in these colder grow zones.

Is the snapdragon annual or perennial?

Sometimes it’s confusing whether snapdragons are annuals, perennials, or biennials. Snapdragons that come back the following year make it seem as though they’re perennials.

However, sometimes snapdragons self-seed or reseed themselves. This can make it appear as though the plant came back, but it could be an entirely new snapdragon growing.

When is snapdragon season?

Most of the time, snapdragon season starts from early to midsummer and generally lasts through the fall. In warmer grow zones, snapdragons may also bloom in winter. According to the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences UGA Cooperative Extension, snapdragons thrive in temperatures ranging from 40 degrees to the low 70s.

Orange Pink Bronze Snapdragons
Orange Pink Bronze Snapdragons at Glick’s Greenhouse in Oley

What happens to snapdragons in winter?

Although snapdragons are perennial in warm grow zones, they generally do not survive a big freeze. If you live outside of the snapdragon hardiness zone, you can try covering them with straw or even insulating them with frost covers or flowerpots turned upside-down for a short span of time during the freeze.

What do I do with dead snapdragons?

You can cut back dead snapdragons or remove them from the ground and compost them. If snapdragons are not truly dead, consider just cutting back any dead growth to see what happens.

One year, I had a dead snapdragon plant that I forgot to pull or cut back. Or, at least I thought it was dead.

My dead snapdragons actually came back growing in full force the next year!

I wish I’d known to prune the plant, because it looked a bit silly with all the dead growth.

Hot pink and orange snapdragons at Airlie Gardens
Hot pink and orange snapdragons at Airlie Gardens

Loving Snapdragons

I’ve enjoyed growing snapdragons for longer than I care to admit.

I even remember seeing them as a child and pinching their little cheeks so they would open and close their jaws.

Now I love snapdragons even more as cut flowers!

By the way, if you like snapdragons, check out our posts on propagating snapdragons and pinching snapdragons for maximum blooms!

Do you enjoy growing snapdragons as annuals or perennials? Feel free to share your own snapdragon stories in the comments or hit us up with any questions you may have. We love hearing from you!

Happy Gardening!

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