Are Marigolds Perennials?

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Some flowers form a bulb or tubers and come back every year as perennials. Are marigolds perennials? This is a common question that comes up among gardeners! This beloved garden flower is a worthwhile choice for flowerbeds and veggie gardens alike, but do marigolds come back every year?

More than 50 types of marigolds fall into the Tagetes genus within the sunflower family, Asteraceae.

Let’s dig into some common questions about marigolds!

Are Marigolds Annuals or Perennials - French Dwarf Marigolds in Raised Bed
Are Marigolds Annuals or Perennials – French Dwarf Marigolds in Raised Bed

Do marigolds grow back every year?

Most common marigolds grow for one season and die back with the first frost. It’s possible that some marigolds may drop seeds and reseed themselves for next year. In most cases, though, marigolds do not grow back every year.

Are marigolds perennials or annuals?

Most types of marigolds are annuals, but some marigold perennials do exist. The most common garden variety marigolds are annual flowers. Most times, you will have to plant marigolds again every year that you want them in your garden.

Sunny yellow marigold with green foliage in the vegetable garden
Sunny yellow marigold with green foliage in my mom’s 2022 vegetable garden

Are there perennial marigolds?

According to the NC State Extension, “Depending on their environment and whether they are grown as an outdoor or indoor plant, Marigolds can be annuals or perennials.” (Tagetes, NC State Extension)

Also, in warmer regions, some marigolds may live on as perennials. Many may reseed themselves, making it appear as though they are perennials. Marigolds are easy enough to plant and grow from seed or starter plants, so the marigolds perennials vs. annuals debacle shouldn’t come as a negative.

Are other flowers confused as marigolds (perennial)?

Some people confuse coreopsis (Tickseed) with perennial marigolds. Coreopsis is a flowering perennial with as many as 80 species. Like both annual and perennial marigolds, coreopsis also falls under the family Asteraceae.

Pale yellow Vanilla marigold
Pale yellow Vanilla marigold

What are some marigold perennials?

While searching to learn if marigolds are perennials, I discovered a few unique plants to research more.

Some marigold perennial flowers and shrubs include:

Tagetes Lemmonii, also known as Mexican Marigold or Mountain Marigold, is an evergreen shrub that grows as a southwestern perennial, flourishing in zones 8-10. This hardy flowering shrub sports bold golden flowers upon lush greenery.

Tagetes Lucida, also known as Mexican Tarragon, also thrives further south, particularly in Mexico and Central America. This perennial marigold boasts lovely yellow flowers that survive only as annuals in zones colder than zone 8.

Dried Marigolds Annuals for Planting Seeds
Dried Marigolds Annuals for Planting Seeds

Are Marigolds Annuals or Perennials?

Turns out it’s both!

While many varieties are annuals, you can find different types of perennial marigolds. Depending on the growing climate and conditions, marigolds can grow for one season or for many.

Here are some of my favorite marigold varieties to grow in your home garden.

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Are you growing any marigolds this year? Have you ever come across the marigold perennials?

Let’s chat in the comments below about this beloved garden flower!

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09.20.22 – Edited to add new photos and links to beautiful marigolds to grow.

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