Are Lilies Perennials or Annuals?

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If you love lilies and want to grow them over and over again, you’re in luck! So many stunning lilies exist, especially my true favorites, Stargazer lilies! But, are lilies perennials? The answer to this question can change everything!

I’ve enjoyed growing lilies ever since I first moved to our home. In those early summers, I found pretty pink and orange Asiatic lilies that I grew around our deck. I believe the name was Royal Sunset lilies. I am still looking for some to replace mine that did not survive.

If you’re wondering, are lilies perennials, I can help to clear this up. Keep reading to discover as much as you can about growing lilies year after year in the home garden.

Red Asiatic Lilies - Are Lilies Perennials or Annuals
Red Asiatic Lilies

Are lilies annuals or perennials?

Most lilies are hardy perennials that can survive winter and come back year after year. Plant them once and enjoy their stunning blooms for many years to come.

Where are lilies winter hardy?

Lilies are generally winter hardy in grow zones 3 through 9.

Are Easter lilies perennials?

Yes, Easter lilies are perennials. These pretty white lilies surprisingly survive temperatures that plummet as low as -20 in the wintertime.

Are Asiatic lilies perennials?

Yes, Asiatic lilies are perennials in most grow zones. These lilies grow well as winter hardy perennials in zones 4 through 9. (Some advice suggests they may survive in zone 3 as well. Your mileage may vary.) Interestingly, Asiatic lilies like a good freeze to help them produce bigger, better blooms.

Are Oriental lilies perennials?

Yes, Oriental lilies are perennials in certain grow zones. These lilies are cold hardy in zones 5 through 9, although they may survive in zone 4 if mulched and insulated well.

Do lilies come back every year?

Yes, lilies will grow back each year in their preferred grow zones. In fact, your lily bulbs will also multiply over the years, growing quickly from a single bulb to larger clusters of many lily flowers growing together.

Orange Lilies with Red Centers
Orange Lilies with Red Centers

Lilies Winter Care

In general, you should not need to do much for lilies as far as winter care.

If you live in a grow zone that is colder or warmer than the recommended hardiness above, you may want to lift your bulbs in between growing seasons.

You can also apply a layer of mulch to help protect your lily bulbs and keep them alive.

Loving Perennial Lilies

One of the best things about perennial lilies is that they continue to come back year after year.

Not only that, but lilies multiply all on their own pretty readily. A single bulb can turn into several new flowers with bulbs beneath the surface within one year of growth.

Lilies are a showy flower that looks great in the garden or in cut flower arrangements.

I’ve been growing lilies since before I’ve been growing sweet and lovely daughters. I’ll always love this precious perennial flower.

Oldest daughter when she was 2 with my prized Stargazer Lilies
Oldest daughter when she was 2 with my prized Stargazer Lilies – Check out her smile!

Now that you know lilies come back every year in most zones, you can plan your garden accordingly.

Will you be growing lilies in your perennial garden? Do you have any questions or fun stories to share? Hit us up in the comments with questions, tips, or stories – we love hearing from you!

Happy Gardening!

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