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Propagating Fuchsia – How to Propagate Fuchsia Cuttings

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Until recently, I’d never tried growing Fuchsia, although I’d heard all about it in my gardening circles. Now, with my own plant, I found a broken branch and decided to try propagating fuchsia from cuttings. It was easier than I thought!

When I found a broken stem upon getting home from the store, I immediately stuck it in a jar of water for hopeful propagation.

Now, I can successfully guide you in growing new fuchsia plants from cuttings!

Red and White Fuchsia Plant for propagating fuchsia cuttings
Red and White Fuchsia Plant for propagating fuchsia cuttings

Can you propagate fuchsia from cuttings?

Yes, you can propagate fuchsia from cuttings quite easily. Try rooting fuchsia cuttings in water for quick results.

How to Propagate Fuchsia

Follow these steps to try rooting fuchsia cuttings in water.

Taking Fuchsia Cuttings

Use these tips to take healthy fuchsia cuttings.

  1. Inspect your fuchsia plant for healthy stems with new growth.
  2. Choose a stem for your cutting.
  3. Hold the fuchsia stem between your thumb and forefinger.
  4. Use sharp scissors or pruning shears to cut just below a leaf set. Snip a fuchsia cutting of about 3 inches in length.

Rooting Fuchsia Cuttings in Water

Now, try rooting fuchsia in water to propagate your plant!

  1. Fill a clear glass jar with about an inch of cool water.
  2. Optional: Dip the end of the fuchsia cutting in rooting hormone like Clonex gel.
  3. Place the fuchsia stem cutting in the water, cut-side down.
  4. Every other day or so, replace the water in the jar.
  5. Check for signs of growth. The first bit of a root forming may look like a small white or light-colored dot or bump.
Fuchsia cutting with roots starting
Fuchsia cutting with roots starting

Growing Fuchsia from Cuttings

I just about fell in love with fuchsia plants when I saw the colors of the blooms. It was a natural progression for me to try growing fuchsia from cuttings, and water seemed like the easiest method.

Once you have roots forming on your fuchsia cuttings, keep caring for them until the roots grow longer and more plentiful.

When you are ready to transfer the rooted fuchsia from water to soil, follow these steps:

  1. Transfer the rooted cutting to a plastic container with an inch of water instead of the glass jar.
  2. Gradually add a bit of potting soil into the water with the fuchsia cuttings daily.
  3. Replace only some of the water each day.
  4. Repeat until the cuttings are mostly in soil. At first it will be mostly water with a little soil. Eventually it flips to be very damp soil.
  5. When you are ready to plant them out or pot them up, free the rooted cutting and its soil from the plastic container and transfer it to a pot or into the ground. Do this when the consistency of the cuttings’ soil is fairly close to the new growing location.

Propagating Fuchsia FAQ

Growing fuchsia cuttings in water proved to be an easy propagation for me. I hope it will be easy for you as well!

Here are some frequently asked questions about propagating fuchsia.

How long does it take for fuchsia cuttings to root?

Fuchsia stem cuttings may begin rooting in water within a week or two in ideal conditions. Change the water every few days for best results.

How long should fuchsia cuttings be?

Cut a length of about 3 inches from your fuchsia plant. You can try longer cuttings or even 2-inch cuttings, but the plant will better focus on forming roots when it has less plant matter to keep alive.

What materials do you need when propagating fuchsia?

A glass jar works well when propagating fuchsia in water. You may also need scissors or pruning shears and rooting hormone like Clonex gel.

White roots forming on a fuchsia cutting - rooting fuchsia in water
White roots forming on a fuchsia cutting – rooting fuchsia in water

Propagating Fuchsia

I’m excited to try and keep my new fuchsia plant going now that the roots have taken off. I’ll be sure to update as it grows even bigger!

Wishing you all the best in your fuchsia propagation endeavors!

By the way, if you enjoy propagating plants, you might also like my post on propagating grapevines.

Do you have any other questions about propagating fuchsia? Hit us up in the comments to chat – we love hearing from you!

Happy Gardening!

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