Growing Aloe Vera Indoors | Tips for Healthy Aloe Plants

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Have you tried growing aloe vera indoors? We’ve had our aloe plant as long as we’ve lived here and I haven’t killed it yet!

This healthy succulent is easy to care for and requires very little maintenance.

I’m happy to report that my aloe houseplant thrives even if I sometimes forget it’s there. (It’s so quiet and peaceful!)

The aloe vera plant gives your bathroom or other indoor space a nice pop of green with an exotic shape. It’s very appealing to the eye and even more appreciated for its air purifying qualities.

If you don’t already grow aloe indoors, I highly recommend it!

Let’s learn more about this amazing plant!

Growing Aloe Indoors in the Bathroom
Growing Aloe Vera Indoors in the Bathroom

Aloe Vera Plant Benefits

Known as a plant tied to healthiness and home remedies, you’ll notice quiet a few aloe plant benefits:

  • Burns – Use the aloe vera plant’s gel for mild burn treatments, including sunburn. Aloe houseplants make it easy to treat minor cooking mishaps for generations.
  • Juice Benefits – The aloe juice is said to have its own set of benefits as well, such as hydration, easing constipation, boosting nutrients, improving skin, and aiding with other GI issues and so forth.
  • Attractive Aesthetics – The exotic, spiky looks of aloe vera plants make them a wonderful choice as indoor plants.
  • Beauty Uses – Aloe vera works well in a number of home DIY beauty treatments such as face wash and skin toner or moisturizer. It’s also believed to be useful for antiaging.
  • Health Remedies – Apply aloe vera for minor injuries and issues such as small wounds or cuts, bug bites, and relief of eczema and some other skin concerns.
  • Low Maintenance – The aloe vera plant thrives even with very little interaction from you. As a succulent, aloe does well even if you don’t water as often as you should.
  • Air Purification – As mentioned, aloe plants trade carbon dioxide for fresh oxygen. This plant is lovely to add as one of your home’s indoor plants.
Aloe Vera Gel from Leaf Broken off of Plant

If you know of any other aloe vera benefits when growing aloe indoors, please shout them out in our comments below!

Do Aloe Vera Plants Clean the Air?

The Aloe vera plant releases oxygen in the night and at the same time, takes in carbon dioxide. This purifying plant works hard to replenish the air in your home and requires very little in the way of care in return.

How to Grow Aloe Vera Indoors

Growing aloe vera indoors is way easier than you might expect! Follow these steps to help your aloe plant thrive.

  1. Choose a pot for your aloe houseplant.
  2. Ensure the pot has proper drainage.
  3. Place a coffee filter in the bottom to help keep the soil from sneaking out when watering.
  4. Fill the flower pot mostly full with cactus / succulent potting mix or another well-draining potting soil mixture. (Leave room for the plant.)
  5. Make a small well in the center of the pot, gently moving the soil aside.
  6. Place the aloe vera plant in the soil and cover with soil to the base of the plant.
  7. Pat the soil down gently around the plant.
  8. Water deeply and allow to drain.
  9. Place the pot in a location where your aloe vera houseplant will get at least six hours of indirect sunlight or more.
  10. Check on your aloe indoor plant several times each month. Plan to water it every three weeks, roughly, or whenever the top inch or so of the soil is very dry.

Discovering how to grow aloe vera indoors makes it easy to get started with houseplants!

If you are new to growing indoors, aloe vera plants can be a fantastic first houseplant.

Tips for Growing Aloe Vera Indoors

Keep your aloe plant healthy and thriving with these tips for growing aloe vera plants indoors.

  • Sunlight – Allow your aloe plant to get 6 hours of sunlight to prevent it from stretching out of its characteristic compact shape. Indirect sunlight should be sufficient to avoid drying out the plant.
  • Water – Water seldom but deeply to make sure the roots don’t rot. You can allow the top part of the soil to dry between watering.
  • Soil – Since it’s a succulent, the aloe plant appreciates well-draining soil. Choose soil like a cactus mix or one that’s suitable for succulents. You can also create your own potting mix with improved drainage using perlite or sand.
  • Drainage – Ensure proper drainage when watering aloe plants to encourage healthy roots.
  • Fertilizing – Aloe vera plants do not require fertilizer to thrive. If you wish to feed the plant anyway, you can water in a phosphorus fertilizer in the spring as part of your spring gardening routine.
Growing Aloe Indoors Next to the Bathtub

Final Thoughts: Growing Aloe Vera Indoors

Growing aloe vera houseplants brings a lovely aesthetic to the home. The wonderful benefits of the aloe plant come from form as well as function—beauty, health, and ease of care.

I’ve grown up with aloe houseplants, dating back to my grandmother breaking off a piece whenever I’d gotten a small burn or ouchie as a child. Now I get to do that with my kids!

Growing aloe vera indoors is such a forgiving, low maintenance activity. The plant enhances the home’s ambiance and we can always use better air filtration inside.

Are you growing aloe vera houseplants indoors? Do you have any awesome tips on how to care of an aloe vera plant?

Let’s chat in the comments below and help more people to enjoy the benefits of this amazing plant!

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