How to Hull a Strawberry: 2 Simple Ways

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Learning how to hull a strawberry is easier than you might expect! You can do it quickly with a common kitchen knife or using a strawberry huller. Either way, you end up with strawberries that are ready to eat or ready for baking!

Simply follow these steps on hulling strawberries in one of two ways.

How to hull a strawberry to remove the leafy green top! Cut strawberries on a lime green cutting board
How to hull a strawberry to remove the leafy green top! Cut strawberries on a lime green cutting board

What does hull a strawberry mean?

Hulling a strawberry means you are removing the green leafy tops from the strawberry. Also considered coring, this includes removing the stems and the bit that connects the strawberry tops to the rest of the fruit. When you hull a strawberry with care, you can preserve more of the fruit for eating or baking as compared to simply cutting off the tops of the berries.

What is a strawberry hull?

The hull is the top of the strawberry containing the green leaves and stem. The strawberry hull may also be called a calyx, or another term in plural, strawberry caps.

Are strawberry tops edible?

Yes, you can eat the strawberry hulls or tops. They are edible and quite nutritious. While you may be accustomed to removing and discarding them, you can add strawberry calyxes or hulls into salads, smoothies, or use them to infuse liquids or cocktails.

How to Hull a Strawberry Using a Strawberry Huller

Using a strawberry huller to remove the tops of strawberries is easy and fun.

Using a Strawberry Huller
Using a Strawberry Huller

If you have this handy little gadget at home, follow these steps for how to hull a strawberry using a strawberry huller.

  1. Wash strawberries before hulling.
  2. Take the strawberry huller and hold it between your thumb and fingers. (Thumb points down and fingers curl up, under the grips.)
  3. Place the strawberry huller overtop of the leafy green part of the strawberry.
  4. Push down the button on the top with your thumb. The teeth of the huller should open.
  5. Press the huller into the strawberry by the leaves while twisting.
  6. Release the button, lifting your thumb, and continue twisting to remove the hull.
  7. Place the hulled strawberry in a dish until you’re ready to eat it or cook with it.
  8. Discard the strawberry top.
  9. Repeat for any other strawberries.

How to Hull a Strawberry Using a Knife

If you don’t have a strawberry huller, you can still hull strawberries very simply at home using a knife.

Hulling Strawberries with a Knife
Hulling Strawberries with a Knife

Follow these steps on how to hull a strawberry using a knife:

  1. Rinse strawberries in cool water.
  2. Point a sharp knife at the top of a strawberry where the leaves are.
  3. Gently press the tip of the knife into the berry next to the green tops.
  4. Swirl the knife around the strawberry top in a circle, cutting a conical wedge out of the strawberry.
  5. Gently pop the knife out on an angle to pop the strawberry top out.
  6. Discard the hull and enjoy the hulled strawberries.
  7. Repeat for any additional strawberries.

Enjoying Hulled Strawberries

Now that you know how to hull strawberries, I hope this speeds up your breakfast, snack, or baking process.

We love baking fresh strawberry scones, so these tricks on hulling strawberries really make it quicker and easier to prepare the fruit.

It’s also nice and quick to get my kids a healthy snack after school or a bit of fruit to energize them in the morning before school.

Strawberry huller with Carton of Fresh Strawberries
Strawberry huller with carton of fresh strawberries

Do you have any questions about how to hull a strawberry? Feel free to ask anything or share your own tips in the comments below.

We love hearing from you!

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