National Plant a Flower Day – Fun Ways to Celebrate

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Flowers seem to be one of nature’s greatest gifts to us. Take the time this year to celebrate National Plant a Flower Day, either by yourself or with family or friends. Planting flowers is a healthy hobby and you’re pretty much never too young or too old to start!

Flowers bring so much beauty to life. Whether you choose to plant flower seeds or bring home some flowers from the garden center, your days can be cheerier with flowers in bloom.

National Plant a Flower Day - Girls with a Flat of Annual Flowers
Here are my girls helping me plant some annual flowers back in 2019.

In honor of flowers and all that they represent, let’s embrace National Plant a Flower Day together and celebrate, no matter where you are.

What is National Plant a Flower Day?

This day marks a special time every year to do exactly what the name implies – plant a flower! Truly, this date marks a day on the calendar for celebrating a timeless, beloved hobby, flower gardening. Besides planting, this flower holiday reminds us to look forward to the arrival of spring and celebrate all that comes with it.

When is National Plant a Flower Day?

National Plant a Flower Day takes place on March 12 every year. Depending on where you live, March 12 may be a little cold to plant certain flowers outdoors. At least here where we live in PA, we’ve got to wait for the last frost for most of our outdoor plants.

Benefits of Planting Flowers

Picking flowers, enjoying fresh flowers indoors, and putting together arrangements all bring their own degree of happiness and enjoyment. All of these things are possible when you plant flowers!

Here are some top benefits of planting flowers:

  • Wonderful garden surprises to come from those seeds or plants
  • Great sensory and educational activity for kids of all ages
  • Healthy, wholesome hobby you can enjoy at all stages of life
  • Future cut flowers or full season color, depending on what you grow

I’m sure there are so many other flower planting benefits, but at least this is a start to hopefully inspire you to plant something all for yourself.

Flat of pretty annual flowers from Produce Junction in 2019
Flat of pretty annual flowers from Produce Junction in 2019

How to Celebrate National Plant a Flower Day

Planting flowers doesn’t have to be an epic activity. You can put as much into it as you like. Spend five minutes to plant a single seed or start trays upon trays of flower seeds.

Try these suggestions on how to celebrate Plant a Flower Day:

  1. Plant a seed from a favorite flower. Start a seed you’ve saved from last year’s garden, a seed you’ve bought, or special seeds you received in a seed swap from another gardener.
  2. Go buy yourself a potted flower. Check out your local nursery or even the grocery store. It isn’t exactly cheating, because I trust you’ll eventually plant it. At least you’re caring for it! Besides, you are reading on a gardening blog; do you really need convincing to buy yourself a plant?!
  3. Plan out your flower garden. You can grow annuals or perennials. Try planting seeds or bulbs and tubers. Create a flowerbed of all the same color combinations but different blooms. The possibilities are endless for celebrating the wonderful flowers of life.
  4. Split a packet of flower seeds with a friend. Give some seeds in person or drop some in the mail. (Be sure to package them safely to prevent crushing!)
  5. Share the love. If your neighbors enjoy gardening, plant a flower and drop it off as a sweet surprise. Let your kids decorate the pot or do that yourself as a nice touch.
  6. Encourage others to join in! Whatever you end up doing for Plant a Flower Day, consider sharing a snapshot of it on your social media page. Use the hashtag #PlantAFlowerDay so others can follow along and be inspired!

Thoughts on Planting Flowers for Beginners

National Plant a Flower Day is a fine time to get excited about gardening!

Who am I kidding, I can’t stop thinking about gardening even in the dead of winter!

Planting flowers doesn’t take a lot of effort for beginners. Sometimes you can just drop a few seeds on the ground and they’ll pretty much grow themselves!

Start with something classic and versatile like Zinnias or Marigolds. You can find lots of beautiful styles and colors to see what catches your eye.

Cosmos are also lovely and nearly effortless to grow. In fact, ours have reseeded themselves every year since we first started growing them!

Planting annual flowers from the garden center is another way to enjoy flowers all summer long.

Pretty Impatiens in flats at a flower stand
Pretty Impatiens in flats at a flower stand

Planting flowers is truly a gift that keeps on giving. If you’ve never grown any on your own, I encourage you to give it a try. We are here to help you in the comments if you have any questions.

And, if you’re a master at your craft, I invite you to share some tips in our comments. We always love chatting with other gardeners.

Happy National Plant a Flower Day!

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  1. Petunias! Hoping they grow to be as beautiful as the ones in the photo! I planted both regular petunias and dwarf petunias, so I am expecting a lot of color this spring and summer. What did you plant?

    1. Hi Susan! Thanks so much for your nice comment! We wish you lots of luck with your petunias and dwarf petunias! Hope they bloom beautifully all season for you. We planted some calendula so far and will be planting Dahlias and Zinnias next! Thanks for stopping by. Happy Gardening!

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