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Our blog is all about enjoying gardening as a family hobby!

Check this page for fun activities and crafts you can enjoy with your kids or in the garden by yourself. We love crafts and creative gardening projects, so we’ll be sure to share our most successful ones with you here.

DIY Gardening Projects

DIY! Enjoy lots of DIY gardening projects and crafts with your family. These DIY activities feature unique garden upgrades and useful tips for gardening.

Do-it-yourself crafts and activities in and around the garden offer such a sense of accomplishment and make it fun to work together as a team.

We hope you enjoy our DIY projects for the garden!

Garden Crafts

From painted flower pots to custom seed packets, seashell plant labels, and beyond, you’re sure to find something to try right away or save for a rainy day.

Try our cool and unique gardening crafts and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. We love hearing from you!

We hope you enjoy our fun and memorable gardening crafts!

Free Printable Recipe Pages for Kids’ Cookbook
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Free Printable Recipe Pages for Kids’ Cookbook

Teachers, parents—this kids’ cookbook idea is a very fun memento or class project! It also works great for individual families. It’s perfect for preschoolers and young elementary students to capture the cuteness. It’s also great for older students who have awesome recipes to share! Try these free printable recipe pages for kids to document their…

Kids’ Flower Pot Craft with Plastic Bottle from Gatorade

Kids’ Flower Pot Craft with Plastic Bottle from Gatorade

Kids’ Recycled Planter from a Gatorade Bottle When it comes to creative art for preschoolers, painting is high on the list! Our daughter loved making this flower pot craft with plastic bottle, recycled for use in our garden. Your kids can try this flower pot crafting recipe, too. It’s relatively quick and we loved enjoying…