Growing Broccoli from Seed – Tips on Starting Broccoli Indoors

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Growing broccoli from seed indoors gives you a jump start on its long growing season. This cool-weather crop is delicious raw or cooked and it starts readily from seed. Starting broccoli indoors is worth a try, especially if you’re planting other seeds as well.

It only takes a few moments to plant broccoli seeds. I’ve grown them a few times but have yet to actually make it to a harvest!

That’s on account of the dreaded cabbage white butterfly. Hopefully this year I’ll hide a plant or two under covers so we can actually enjoy a broccoli harvest!

Anyway, all in due time. For now, let’s talk about growing broccoli from seed, starting indoors!

Growing Broccoli from Seed - Starting seeds indoors
Growing Broccoli from Seed – Here’s our young broccoli plant once we transplanted it in our 2020 container garden.

How many broccoli seeds should I plant?

Plan to plant two to three broccoli seeds per seed cell. That way, if one is a dud and doesn’t germinate, you still have a shot with the other seeds. You can also thin seedlings later or try your luck at transplanting them.

How deep should I plant broccoli seeds?

Plant broccoli seeds about 1/2-inch deep. A little less or a little more is likely fine as well.

When should I begin growing broccoli from seed indoors?

Start broccoli indoors about 6 to 8 weeks ahead of your area’s last frost date. Be sure to keep broccoli seedlings under grow lights so they don’t become leggy.

How to Plant Broccoli Seeds

Growing your own broccoli plants is a rewarding experience, particularly if you can avoid the cabbage worms.

When planting broccoli from seed, gather seed starting trays or egg cartons, potting mix, broccoli seeds, and a pen or marker to label your seeds.

Planting Broccoli Seeds Step-by-Step

Learning how to plant broccoli seeds is easy! Once you have your materials, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Fill your seed starting trays most of the way with potting mix.
  2. Choose the broccoli varieties you plan to grow and take a few seeds out of the packets.
  3. Gently make small holes in each seed cell and plant 2 or 3 seeds each. Plant broccoli seeds about ½-inch deep.
  4. Label each cell with broccoli seeds accordingly.
  5. Water the seeds thoroughly.
  6. Place the seed try under grow lights when you are finished planting broccoli seeds.
  7. Monitor broccoli seeds for signs of growth and water needs in the coming days and weeks.

Tips on Growing Broccoli from Seed

Here are a few tips that may make starting broccoli indoors even easier!

  • Keep grow lights close overhead of the seedlings. This helps prevent them from getting leggy.
  • Harden off broccoli seedlings before planting outdoors. Avoid giving your young broccoli plants sunburn by gradually introducing them to the outdoor elements and natural sunlight.
  • Plan ahead for some broccoli pest control. The green cabbage worms blend in almost perfectly with broccoli and other brassicas.
  • Try succession planting broccoli. You can also grow a fall crop of broccoli. Start broccoli indoors in the mid to late summer for a second harvest later in the year.
Heads of Fresh Broccoli in a Pile
Lots of Fresh Broccoli from the garden would be amazing!

Join Us in Growing Broccoli from Seed!

Our family loves broccoli and I am truly hoping we can outwork the pests this year. Growing broccoli from seed is the easy part – getting it to harvest time proved to be the most difficult for us.

Do you have any questions about starting broccoli indoors or growing from seed? Can you share any great tips on growing this amazing and healthy vegetable?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below! We always respond and love hearing from you guys.

Happy Gardening!

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