Eggplant Companion Plants: What to Grow Nearby

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Whether you prefer it with parmesan or hot off the grill, homegrown eggplant is a worthy crop for your backyard garden. Consider a few eggplant companion plants to make the most of your gardening space!

Also known as aubergine, this popular veggie grows best when soil temperatures remain above 50 degrees. So, you’ll need to wait until you’re past the last frost before planting outdoors.

Look for a location with full sun and then start contemplating a few companion plants for eggplant.

Eggplant Companion Plants - Purple Eggplants piled up
Eggplant Companion Plants – Purple Eggplants piled up

First, let’s explore what to plant near eggplant and what to avoid.

What should you not plant near eggplant?

Avoid planting fennel near eggplant as this herb tends to be a bad bedfellow for most plants. Likewise, dill tends to impede the growth of nightshades. You should also avoid planting heavy feeders like pumpkins, melons, or zucchini near eggplant as they may compete for nutrients. Also avoid planting eggplant near brassicas, as they prefer neutral soil where nightshades do best with somewhat acidic soil.

What are some good eggplant companion plants?

Try growing legumes, peppers, and other nightshades near eggplant. Herbs also make great companion plants for eggplants. Common garden flowers like marigolds, nasturtiums, and sunflowers also work well when planted nearby.

Eggplant Companion Plants: Fruits and Vegetables

Most of the time, eggplant does well when planted near other crops, aside from the few listed above.

Plan your gardens with a strategy focused on plants that grow well together. Consider these fruits and vegetables as companions for eggplant.


Growing garlic near eggplant can help to repel pests due to the pungent aromas.

Green Beans

Bush beans and pole beans fix nitrogen in the soil, making them a good choice in companion plants for eggplant.


Legumes like lentils increase the soil’s nitrogen levels, which is ideal in the companion plant pairing.


A need of lettuce makes a good ground cover to keep weeds at bay near eggplant.


Growing onions near eggplant can help reduce pest populations.

Peas / Snow Peas

Like beans, peas also fix nitrogen, improving the soil for eggplants. Peas and snow peas make good companion plants for eggplant as they are early cold crops that will finish up by the time eggplant really gets going.


Sweet peppers like bell peppers and hot peppers like jalapenos all grow well in proximity to eggplant. Peppers and eggplants share similar growing requirements and work well when planted together.

Hot peppers in particular bring great value as a garden companion, since they can help to fight of Fusarium in the ground.


Often avoided as a companion plant, potatoes can work out fine when planted with eggplants. In this pairing, potatoes can make the soul looser than it would be otherwise.


Radishes fit nicely between plants and grow below the surface. The radish greens do well as a ground cover, helping to fend off weeds around the eggplants.


As a cool weather crop, spinach plants appreciate the shade they get from companion planting with eggplant.

Swiss Chard

The leafiness of Swiss chard makes it a fine companion for eggplant, working as a ground cover or simply filling in space.


Both in the nightshade family, tomatoes and eggplant grow well together in the same conditions. Since tomatoes enjoy similar nutrients as eggplants, keep this in mind when fertilizing or amending the soil.

Eggplant Companion Plants: Herbs

Eggplant grows well with quite a few different herbs growing nearby. Herbs with strong, rich aromas can be great choices for eggplant companion plants.


The scent of catnip is said to repel various garden pests, including aphids, flea beetles, ants, potato beetles, and others.

(If you’re looking to create eggplant companion planting combinations, avoid planting beans or peas near catnip as it can be detrimental to their growth.)


Chamomile tends to be a pretty agreeable herb in the garden. As a beneficial companion, chamomile can attract parasitic wasps and hoverflies.

Coriander / Cilantro

Planting coriander with eggplant can help with pest control, especially in regards to repelling potato beetles.

French Tarragon

This companion herb for eggplant helps to keep pests under control, making it an ideal pairing.


Eggplant and marjoram can enjoy similar growing conditions, even surviving dry weather most of the time. Marjoram can also attract pollinators and may even discourage pest insects like aphids.

Mint in a Container

Contained mint can help control pests like flea beetles, which often plague eggplant crops. Keep mint contained to prevent it from taking over your entire garden. Mint may also enhance the flavor of eggplants.


Rich aromas of oregano can benefit aubergines in the garden, helping to fend off pests like aphids, spider mites, and cabbage moths. Meanwhile, oregano also attracts pollinators and beneficial bugs. This herb tolerates dry conditions, which works well in companionship with eggplant.


Another aromatic herb that doesn’t mind a dry spell, rosemary is a great choice for an eggplant companion plant. Rosemary is believed to specifically repel Colorado potato beetles and cabbage moths, as another bonus.


The strong scent of sage makes it a useful companion plant for aubergine. Sage can help repel beetles and flea beetles, moths, snails, and other detrimental insects.


Companion planting eggplant with thyme can help to discourage moths and aphids in the garden.

By the way, you may also enjoy this post on thyme companion plants.

Eggplant Companion Plants: Flowers and Ornamentals

Even flowers and ornamental plants can grow beautifully next to eggplants. Here are a few to consider.


Growing amaranth in proximity to eggplant can help to limit garden pests. Try to give each plant enough space so they don’t shade each other.


The bright and beautiful blooms of borage attract pollinators and other beneficial insects. Borage can also discourage problematic, but

Mexican Marigold / Marigolds

Along with marigolds in general, Mexican marigolds can help to tackle various pests like beetles in the garden.

Use caution if planting Mexican Marigold in the vegetable garden as it proves toxic for beans.


Lovely, edible nasturtiums also help to fend off potato beetles and other eggplant pests like aphids in the garden. Nasturtiums can serve as n both a trap crop for these pests and a ground cover to help limit weeds.


Colorful and cheery snapdragons offer the bonus of helping to decrease pest populations of aphids, ants, flea beetles, and white flies.


Like snapdragons, sunflowers can also reduce the amount of eggplant pests in the garden.

Recap: Worst Eggplant Companion Plants

The worst plants to grow near aubergines include:

  • Brassicas (Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale, Kohlrabi, etc.)
  • Dill
  • Fennel
  • Heavy Feeders like Pumpkins, Squash, Zucchini, and Melons
Holding Eggplant in front of Zucchini
Holding Eggplant in front of Zucchini

Choosing Eggplant Companion Plants

Now that you have a better understanding of the worst and best eggplant companion plants, I hope you can figure out a great pairing that works for your family’s needs.

Remember to pick out plants that bring value to your life or your dinner table!

Do you have any other favorite eggplant companions to share? Also feel free to hit us up with questions or your own experiences in the comments. We love hearing from you!

Happy Gardening!

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