St. Patty's Day Clover Vases! Kate @ Bunny's Garden

 St. Patrick's Day Keepsake Craft Thumbprint Shamrock Vase

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! Celebrate with a keepsake clover vase featuring your kids' thumbprints!

St. Pat's Shamrock Vases!

You can use this vase in St. Patrick's Day displays or as a flower vase or a lucky propagation jar!

St. Pat's Decorating Ideas

To make these vases, get these materials ready: - Empty Jar                  - Paper Towels - Green Puffy Paint   - Q-tips - Adorable Kids                                         

Now try our Tutorial for kids to make their own Shamrock Fingerprint Vases!

First, decide if you are making 4-leaf clovers or shamrocks.  Then, add a dot of green puffy paint!

Ask your child to gently press down on the puffy paint dot with his or her thumb!  (Or index finger)

TIP: You can add 3 - 4 dots at a time if your kids are experienced at making thumbprints.

Space out your clovers or shamrocks across the jar. Make as many as you like!

Allow it to dry and enjoy this precious keepsake for a lifetime to come!

Green baskets filled with Shamrocks make beautiful and festive decorations!

St. Pat's Decorating Ideas

Once the jars are dry, you can include them along with your St. Patrick's Day decorations or centerpiece displays!

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Happy St.  Patrick's Day