Growing Roses from Cuttings

Rose Propagation Guide Kate @ Bunny's Garden

ROOT those Mother's Day Roses!

Don't Let Those Mother's Day Roses Go to Waste!!! Grow new rose plants for your garden with these tips!

See the new growth in the leaf joints?!


Bouquet of Roses or Rose Bush Cuttings Pruning Shears Rooting Hormone Glass Jar Water Plastic Baggie Rubber Band

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1. Cut the end of the stem at 45 degrees. 2. Dip the stem in rooting hormone. 3. Fill a jar with about  1 inch of water. 4. Place the stem in the jar.  5. Cover with baggie. 6. Change water daily.

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Soon you should see new leaf growth!

GORGEOUS ROOTS! This is what we're looking for! 

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Continue changing water and checking on your cuttings regularly. Watch for healthy roots!

Look at all this AMAZING Progress!

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Every Rose Cutting may not root, but it's always worth a try!